Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Belated Happy Birthday

Via riptheskull on Flickr.

To my lovely home here in internet-land, my whimsical cottage! The very special date crept by a few days ago, with barely a whisper to remind me it was passing through. So long as everyone remembered to send presents and cards I'll be off the hook, right? ;-) (I really hope someone did as the cottage, much like Baba Yaga's chicken foot hut, tends to have a mind and attitude all it's own!)

It's been two years since I first opened the doors to the cottage and waited eagerly for passers-by to stop for a spot of tea, a pint of cold ale, or a shot of something stronger and mingle with me. A magical, wonderful two years that have far exceeded my expectations! I've made some lifelong partners witches in crime and met so many talented and amazing people, I've learned so much from others and about myself throughout these years of sharing and feel truly blessed that so many of you seem to enjoy my ramblings!

I truly appreciate every peek inside, every note scribbled and left, every kindred spirit and curious heart who has stopped once, twice or a dozen times. The cottage and I are constantly changing, growing and evolving and I hope you'll all continue to do the same with us. Help yourself to a pint, a cuppa or a candy and have a peek at some of my favorite posts of the past two years. For those followers new or old, I hope you enjoy!

The First Year
*Greetings From Asbury Park!
*A visit to Sleepy Hollow
Btw, southern lovelies, if any of you know of any amazing cemeteries in the South-East let me know. I haven't been to a proper cemetery since I moved over a year ago! I can't find any, even with Google helping.
*Spell Bottle
*Our First Year
*A New York City Christmas
*Reflections on a Decade
*Asbury at Dawn
*Grimore, Book of Shadows or a Haphazard Mess?
For those keeping track, I'm still firmly in the 'haphazard mess' category. Though, my pagan art journal is sort of becoming a Grimoire of it's own will.
*Through the Looking Glass

The Second Year
*Hunting Island, SC
*New Moon Magic
*Sunrise Mountain
*Ten, Ten, Ten, Two and a Cake
*Full Moon Tea
*Dia De Los Muertos
*The Holiday Season
*So Long, Year!
*Our House
*Who and What Are You?
*The Fawn and The Goat

P.S. In answer to a recent frequently asked question: The cottage in my banner, alas, is neither my home nor a cottage on my land. It is an herb/floral shop that I happened across on a day trip to Sugarloaf, NY a few years ago. The place was too cute to resist and I snapped a picture, which I fiddled about with in Photoshop. The original is actually much less mysterious!

P.P.S. The home that my husband and I recently bought is lovingly referred to by me (and maybe one day by he as well) as my cottage. My cute, cozy, ranch style cottage. Hehe. ;)


  1. Two years! Congrats! I always look forward to your posts, your art and anything else you care to share! It is wonderful knowing you through this blogland of ours. What will you come up with next?? Love and hugs, Robin.

  2. Happy blogaversaday! The first time I went to asbury park after about a decade was the exact same week you did in august 2009. Being born and raised at the Jersey Shore I've seen Asbury and Ocean Grove in all their stages. Now that I live 20 minutes away it's a favorite date night locale as well as family day at the beach.

    I love your blog girl and look forward to clicking it open every time I see a new post. You are awesome chick!

  3. Happy Blogaversary!!! I love your blog and am so glad that I found you through the WWP swaps, which then led me here. :) Blessings and keep up the awesome.

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to you and your bloggie. I am so glad in all the atoms bumping into one another...the universe planned our collision so perfectly. My dearest Danni girl, here's to many more years of entertaining, encouraging and engaging folks from your Whimsical Cottage. Cheers.

  5. happy blogging birthday, how fabulous, well done :)

  6. Congratulations on your "blogoversary"! It's amazing that your virtual cottage came from Sugarloaf -- I go there all the time, as it's pretty close by to where I live. It's a great place, isn't it? Great job with the Photoshopping!

  7. Congratulations! I'm so glad that you found your little cottage here and have shared so much with us! Here's to many more years of whimsy!

  8. Happy Two YearS! Here's to many more [raises coffee (not tea) in a toast]. As my French neighbours say: Santé!

  9. Happy Blog-o-versary!!! And may you have many more magickal, mystickal, years of fun! :0)

  10. CONGRATS DANNI! and yes I am guilty of thinking the banner photo was your witches and crafters cottage! Your home is lovely. Some of those posts I've read. Some I haven't. I'll try to catch up, in between catching up on the mad tea party (still visiting) some art blog hops, some challenges and also just trying to stay in the light. (the dark place is always just one or 2 steps behind me) Having Pico (the grand dog here has gone a long way to helping my depression as he is so adorable and makes me smile and laugh every day!

    How long have hubby and you been married? Do you have kids? I've never asked these questions.

    CONGRATS again on this milestone!

    love n hugs,

  11. Thank you everyone! :)

    Susan, I hope you stay out of the black wolf's nipping range a while longer, it's not my favorite of companions. Fur babies and fur grandbabies always have a way of keeping it at bay!

    To answer your questions, we'll be married 3 years this October, we were married 10/10/08. Folks asked why we didn't wait until 10/10/10 and honestly, why wait for a good things for a cheesy date? ;)

    As for children, I'm the proud mommy of two very spoiled kitties and once day, hopefully not so far off, of a spoiled puppy as well. As for fur-less children, we have none. :)

  12. Congrats dear one! And I can sooo see why Spell Bottle and New Moon Magic are two of your faves; I like them very much too!

  13. Happy belated second birthday! I can't wait to see what magical delights you bring in the years to come.

  14. Aw, Happy Birthday, Danni's blog!! I'm so happy to have found it this past year and to have gotten to know you through it. Here's to many more blogging years to come! HUGS!


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