Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spell Bottle

Do you follow MarZel's blog, The Play of Light and Shadow? If you do you may remember she issued a blog challenge two weeks ago to create a voodoo/spell/god jar and share it with her so that she could feature your jar on her blog. If you don't follow her, you should! At the very least you can check out the challenge post here.

I took the blog challenge and finished up my jar over the weekend. I emailed my information and photos over to MarZel and I think I gave her more information that she was expecting, because instead of just a short post about my jar she turned me into a guest blogger!

Since my husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary (October 10 - this year flew by!) I decided to make my spell jar with the intention of continuing to grow together in both love and life.

For my container, I used a wine bottle I had gotten as a favor from a wedding I was in three days after my husband and I started dating three years ago. After emptying the bottle (yum!) I washed it and let it dry while I gathered by fillings. Some Magical and some whimsical.

- Black Sand to absorb negativity and ground it out the bottom of the bottle.

- Star Anise - a strong herb for helping build inner strength and help you learn who you really are.

- Basil - which helps to soothe tempers and a love herb.

- Lavender - An herb of love and healing

- Cinnamon stick - For Love and healing

- Cherry Seeds - To represent growth. There is an entire layer of these in the middle of the jar.

- Sunflower seeds - for growth and happiness

- Legos - One of the first times my husband and I spent time together, we had a contest to see who could build the best Lego Godzilla. He won, but we've been bonding over Legos ever since. It's one of those things that just makes us happy
- dimes - to symbolise prosperity, also because I've grown to enjoy helping my husband with his coin collection.

- green, gold and orange glass beads - for growth, life and happiness respectively.

- shiny confetti leaves - these were from our wedding last Autumn. I collected them after the reception and have a jar of them that I use for special projects.
- sea shells - these were collected during our first vacation together to Cape Cod, Massachussetts and during our honeymoon in Virginia. These symbolise growth and change as the ocean is ever changing.

- Acorn - a single acorn to symbolise growth and fertility of our minds.

I layered my fillings in the jar, and then poured a few packets of shiny glass pebbles in to fill in the gaps. I went with clear glass to keep the jar light and the reflect the sunshine from windows and catch our eyes, reminding us of our hopes. I topped it off with a cork from a bottle of wine my husband bought me out of the blue one day, bits of my wedding dress and his kilt, hemp and a scrap of a wedding card around the neck of the bottle.

I was looking through my paper stashes (I have several) and came across a movie ticket from our first drive-in movie together - before we were dating and when our relationship was just starting to develop. It was perfect and I used that as my spell card - attaching it to the bottle with a piece of the hemp I had wrapped around the bottle neck.

And, that's it! Hope I haven't made you gag with all of my cheese and sentiment. ;-)


  1. Oh, cool! I'm rushing over there now to read!

  2. Thank you for the plug!!! You post was a hit!!

  3. I love your bottle too D!!
    Thanks for your great comment.

  4. This is a gorgeous idea that you've executed superbly, and I hope to make all my spells like this--full of love and meaning that is personal to me.

    Do you have a resource for your magickal color theory? The meanings you ascribe to each of the colors of glass beads fit perfectly, but I've read other lists of color attributes that have left me cold.

    If it's all right with you, I'll borrow both marvellous ideas--the spell bottle and the addition of glass beads for color representation--to add to my book of shadows. I'll cite my sources, of course!


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