Monday, August 31, 2009

Apartment Ghost or Bathtub Filler in the Night?

An incredibly strange thing happened yesterday morning. My husband and I rolled out of bed at 9:30 am. We opened the bedroom door and heard water running in the bathroom. We ran into the bathroom in a panic, expecting to see the toilet over flowing and a lake to have formed on our floor.

But no, the toilet was not running - the bathtub was. A washcloth had gotten lodged into the tub drain and the hot water was turned on high and the tub was close to over flowing. Funny thing is, we live alone aside from our two kitties and I had gotten up around 8:30 to use the bathroom before returning to bed for a few more winks.

We immediately searched the apartment for extra people, open windows, unlocked doors, etc. Nothing. The doors were deadbolted and chained, the windows were all in place - screens intact. We checked the cats to see if they were wet, thinking maybe they had somehow turned on the faucet, but they were both completely dry.

Thinking the cats may still be the culprits I went back to the scene of the mystery. This is our faucet configuration:

The hot water is on the left and to turn the water on, you need to turn the faucet counter-clockwise. Towards the wall. If one of the cats had turned it on they would have needed to be standing where my undisturbed bottle of facewash is and put a decent amount of force into turning the water on.

I've told my husband several times before that I think we have an apartment ghost, since I've heard people in the kitchen when it was just me at home and have come out to open cabinets, the tv has turned on and off in the living room while I've been napping and the cats have stared into space and meowed at nothing. Maybe now he'll believe me, unless someone has a reasonable explanation for this.



  1. I haven't any explanation but it sounds like these happenings are occurring more and more

  2. I think you already know very well what it is ;)

  3. Anna - I immediately thought of you while posting this, since you've been so interested in the paranormal lately. ;)

    Jenna - It was you, wasn't it? You snuck up from GA after your vacation and decided to turn the water on. ;)

  4. There was that guy in China who didn't know he had a person living in his closet for over a year....

    (and super creepyish, my word verification was "cults".

    *cue spooky music*

  5. hi there, i just stumbled on your blog from greekwitch.
    hmmm...i totally believe in apartment ghosts...but i believe in ghosts in general so maybe i'm biased. when i was in college, i lived in an apartment that was converted from an old hospital and there were many times when i swore i wasn't the only person in the room (noises, stuff rustling). i didn't find it it used to be a hospital until after i had moved out...maybe that was a good thing.

  6. At least it is a ghost concerned with good hygiene! :) I am totally intrigued.

  7. I would take it off your hands for you if I could.Maybe I could get them to wash my tub lol

    Whatever it is, it really wants your attention.I am interested to hear any more developments, keep us posted!

  8. wow sounds exciting!! Let us know if anything else happens!

  9. There's no other explanation- creepy. Right after I read your blog yesterday, I was fixing my hair in the bathroom and all of a sudden there was a loud screeching noise from somewhere in my apartment. My dog jumped on me as I went to go see what it was- the TV had unmuted itself and had pink and white static, while the cable still being on! I only turned off the TV, and when I turned it on a second later it was fine. Maybe ghosts like apartments because it's a smaller space they can manipulate?


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