Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long, Year!

In typical post holiday grump fashion, I'm not sad to see 2010 come to an end. I suspect it's because I look forward to the end of the holiday season and a bit of break from hurried making, baking, cleaning, traveling, shopping and whatever other "ing" words you associate with the season. I plan to take a week or so to finish up my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project which I have slacked off so much on that no progress has been made since that post. Yikes!

Don't get me wrong, 2010 and I got along just fine for the most part although there were some rather jarring changes and quite a few things were shaken up. The year kicked off with my being in the hospital and being diagnosed with Endometriosis which was closely followed by Joe being laid off from his job. As it turns out, the job market for a television specialist in New Jersey is a bit slim so when his old job opened up in South Carolina, we packed up our entire lives and moved. In just two short weeks. At first I was fine, but within weeks of being here I slipped into a pretty depressed state and would spend my time alone sleeping or crying interchangeably. I worked a brief stint at Starbucks to pull myself out of it and was pleased to confirm that some of the people here are even bigger jerks then some of the ones in New Jersey. For Joe's part, he loves his job, likes being here and has already made several friends!

A large chunk of the year was relatively uneventful as I worked on my art more regularly and forged a relationship with Lugh. My eye began acting up and I quit Starbucks (Thank the Gods!). I suffered a bit more depression, saw two of my best friends get married and took some important steps towards healing from past events.

Without further adieu, 2010 in pictorial review:

I'm not one for resolutions at this time of year, I never keep them. However, I know quite a few people who have done One Little Word Project in lieu of a resolution and it's something that appeals to me. I'm cheating a little and using a phrase, because it best suits what I'd like to focus on this year:

Let Go

1. To shout something out or expel something; to shout or express something wildly
2. To relax completely and enjoy yourself
3. To stop trying to control something; to not take action.
4. To stop holding on to something.

This year I will remind myself to let go when I get angry, let go when I feel trapped, let go when I'm worried I'll look like a fool, let go of the past and to let go of whatever else I want or need to during the year.

Are you doing the one word or making a resolution yourself?

Brightest Blessings for the New Year!


  1. Wishing the Bright of Blessings in the New Year Danni!

    I don't do resolutions well, like you I never keep them either. I don't know if I can pick just one word, so I've begun making a list of words among that list my power word lies I know. I'm going to create an art journal page with them on it, and that will be my focus for the year. (I think lol)

  2. Thanks for your posting! I, too, struggled with depression for the majority of 2010, so I'm rather glad to be coming out of that tunnel and looking toward the light that will hopefully be there in 2011. It's beginning to get better, due in part to blogging and reading others' blogs!

    Wishing you the best for the coming year and many blessings!


  3. Oh...and can you explain to me how blog parties work? :)

  4. I think my word for 2011 will have to be BUILD.

    And I haven't really figured out how blog parties work either, but I loved your Solstice one. The bird looked very pleased with its hat!

  5. In the book I'm currently reading, the author writes about the dark moon in our lives, often times of depression or inactivity, stand stills, etc. She believes that these times herald times of change - it's the time inbetween what was and what will be. I hope this is true - and that you will find this to be so in time (hopefully a short time!)

  6. ~dani...i may just have to borrow your phrase throughout the year...that is if you don't mind?!? truly a wonderful phrase to carry with you in the coming much we all tend to collect along the way pulling us only downward rather than allowing us to shine as brightly as we should...let go my dear sweet for the moment...may this coming year be filled with only an abundance of blessings good health adn JOY to fill your heart mind and days do deserve just so...thank you for sharing a glimpse in photos...wonderful photos...a beautiful blessings you are to each of us and i am thankful for our friendship that has come to a gorgeous road ahead...may it be only grand!!! cheers my friend to the new year...much love light and blessings be with you and yours always~

  7. Danni, I wish you the blessings of good health and great happiness. I believe you will find your place, you will find good friends, and peace will come to you. Brightest Blessings to you and Joe for a wonderful 2011 filled with Letting Go! Robin.

  8. I love the photos of pieces of your year (perhaps I should have done that instead of writing a fucking book....but I digress)

    Let Go is an awesome mantra to have for the upcoming year. That's a great mantra for everyone to have. Imagine what a better and more enjoyable life everyone would live if they would just let go of stuff.....

  9. Love the photo recap!
    May the New Year bring you Health, Wealth and Happiness.
    Brightest Blessings! ♥

  10. Darling girl, yes, this year has been one of many trials for you. Being another who rides the depression rollercoaster I understand the trip. But I also have seen you "deal with" and "overcome" so much for one so young. You dun good.
    I love your battle cry, "let go". We all can take a lesson in letting go.
    I wish for you a year filled with what is important and what blessed you.
    someone who is so lucky to be your friend, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  11. You did have a rough year, but it wasn't all bad and you made it to the other side! I really like this one word idea. I never thought to do this! I think my word is going to be...Float.

    So, did you find a 7-day candle? I wish you all the best for the New Year!

  12. May 2011 bring you a brighter, calmer state of existence. I like your motto of "let go". When we let go, we let the Divine take over and that can only bring peace.

  13. I know you've had a rough and tumble last year Danni and you've hung in there with so much courage and grace, truly inspiring. One of the great gifts I received last year, was meeting new blogger friends like you :) I think this will be a much better year for most people, it is after all "The Year of the Cat" (according to the Koreans, not the general Asian culture, it's the "Year of the Rabbit" to them) so wishing all of you and your furbaby lots of good healthy, merry times and prosperity.

  14. I loved this post as it resonated through me. I too do not make resolutions for that is just setting myself up for failure. I like the "let go" theme for your plan. I have let go a lot of not so pleasant memories and wrongs done to me in 2010, and hope to continue on this path into 2011, for I still have much work to do. Blessed Be and Merry Meet my friend.

  15. Hi Danni,
    Happy new year to you! I'm so glad I'm not alone in being glad to see the back of 2010. It's not like I want to wish my life away, or that I put too much weight in Hallmark holidays, but I've never looked forward to a new year as much! I don't think I've had it as stressful as you though, you poor thing. I hope the coming months are as blessed and magical as you deserve. As for the resolutions, I usually make some but decided against this year for the same reasons as you. I hadn't heard about the one word project but I really like the idea of it; must give it some thought now... Anyway missus, I hope this 2011 is finding you happy and well. It's been wonderful getting to know you over the past months and I'm looking forward to all your lovely blog has to offer in the coming year. Take care!
    Roisin x

  16. I like your choices. I've been trying to do the same (I started by deleting my super strict writing calendar) that might sound like irresponsibility, but you should have seen me when I scheduled an 8-hour writing session and I only had 5 hours. I can't do that to my nerves. I still write as much as I can, but I won't overdo it. I'll relax.

    Happy 2011!

  17. Hello again!
    I just wanted to let you know that there was a mix up in mailing before yule, so your card is still sitting here, in my mess of a house, so as soon as I get into town I will mail it off to you. So my apologies and thank you so much for the card it is beautiful!
    Faerie Sage


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