Monday, April 5, 2010

Painting and Lugh

While setting up my art nook, I created a photo collage of some of my favourite places I've visited and times with friends. In the dead center, I wanted a square black frame, but had no idea what to put in it. It sat empty for two weeks, until a certain tricky god poked me in the ribs and declared he deserved the spot.

That god my lovelies, is none other than the Celtic god, Lugh.

Lugh is a Celtic solar diety and the master of all skills, from smithing to healing to art. He is a warrior whose weapon of choice is a spear that is said to be so thirsty for blood that it often tries to join battles without it's master.

Lugh is also a god of the harvest. Lughnasadh, the first of the three Pagan harvest Sabbats, was dedicated by Lugh to his foster mother, Tailtiu. She had exhausted herself clearing great forests to be cultivated and upon her death Lugh declared the people celebrate her life and honor her sacrifice with feasting, dancing and games.


Lugh is associated with the raven, the sun, sunflowers, cornflowers, sandalwood, citrine, peridot, aventurine and the colours of the harvest.

My painting of Lugh depicts him as I see him, a youthful celtic warrior of fair skin and sunny hair, some of which is in large plaits, accompanied by a raven. As was traditional with celtic warriors he wears blue tribal tattoos and a silver torc.

Details: raven and celtic sun tattoo.

Lugh tattoo detail

This painting is 6"x6" and was rendered in watercolour on thick paper. Watercolour is a fairly new medium for me and I'm really enjoying it so far. I also don't draw or paint men very often, so this was a bit of a challenge for me. I have a bad habit of making men appear very feminine and I think I managed to bulk Lugh up a bit.


  1. Beautiful painting and a perfect spot for Lugh! I too have trouble painting or drawing men, but I think he turned out very well.

  2. Danni: I love Lugh...I mean I love your replication of your vision of Lugh.
    I just had to stop by and say to one of my all time favorite people....Happy Sisterfriend's Day, my sista. You da best....(((hugs))) until next time

  3. I see you left Jersey for the South. I did that in '03, was miserable for most of 6 years and moved back to Jersey in January of this year. I am happier than a pig in sh*t to be home!


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