Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Downtown Date Day

Happy Wednesday, lovelies. You read that title correctly, I went out on a date this afternoon! With myself. Geez, I'm a married lady folks.

The intent of this afternoon downtown was to job hunt since, unfortunately, we just can't cut it on Joe's income alone and as much as I love it, Etsy isn't paying my bills. So I've been inquiring anywhere that seems interesting about part-time work. Apparently, no one is hiring at this time.

I didn't let that ruin my afternoon though. I took myself out to lunch at the Mellow Mushroom where I had a slice of avocado and tomato pizza. If that wasn't satisfying enough, my server was nice enough to give me an iced tea for the road. I didn't even ask! :)

From there I walked up main street past the park:

That spec of person down there on the sidewalk? That's a man on a Unicycle. Drinking a slurpee!

And visited Revolutionary Mouse, one of ten bronze mice located along Main St. The other 9 are part of a downtown attraction called Mice on Main. Don't tell the others. but Revolutionary Mouse is my favourite...


I stopped by the rock and gemstone shop where I picked up a few beauties:

Howlite Bat
A hand carved howlite bat pendant! He's a bit cock-eyed, but I love him just the same.

Stone Loot
A set of gemstones. Clockwise from the top: a mystery stone, blue goldstone, red jasper and amethyst. We'll come back to that mystery stone later.

The last place I visited was the general store where I picked up something for the drive home:

Glass Bottle Coke
That's right. Coke in a glass bottle!

Now that I'm home, I've been scratching my head over the mystery stone I picked up. It's a fairly heavy stone for it's size, has light banding that is really only visible when it is held to the light and is composed of red mottled tones. I think it may be red agate, but I'd like to ask if any of you more seasoned rock identifiers can help me with this:

Here it is in the palm of my hand:
Mystery Stone

And here it is, backlit by the sun:
Mystery Stone - Sunlit

Any thoughts?


  1. I wish I could help you identify the rock but I'm so shoddy at that.

    But I LOVE that little bat pendant. He is too precious! I just want to kiss him :)

  2. This stone looks like amber!

    I'm glad that, although not finding - yet - any part-time job, you had a gerat afternoon after all!

    I'm in the same boat, looking for part-times here!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  3. the stone looks like dark carnelian, and I love that bat!!

  4. I just want to know if your tea was sweetened or not!

  5. Lol! It was unsweetened Mallory. The only time I like sugar in my tea is when I make it myself at home and I doubt being down here will change that. ;)

  6. I'm going to concur that that stone looks like a dark piece of carnelian.

  7. Now Danni, if we're going to turn you into a real Southerner you HAVE to have a half pound of sugar in your tea!!!!!

  8. Nooooooo! You can't make me drink sweet tea, Jenna. It's so bad. I've never ever dumped tea out before coming down here and trying that. Is there something else they put in it, or is it just 20 pounds of sugar per gallon of tea?

  9. I agree with carnelian. Sounds like a fabulous day, glad you enjoyed! :)

    Also, I'm SO with you on sugar in tea. My rule is always that I just don't take sugar in my tea, and, if I think the tea needs it, then I just don't like the tea, and sugar isn't going to help.


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