Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Journal Page for 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling. Prompt: A Letter to Yourself in 5 Years.

Being a witch who works with all animals has always suited me but a few weeks ago I began to have this niggling buzzing in the back of my head wondering if I had a particular spirit animal. So, I did what this witch does when she has a questions she can't answer on her own; I asked the Universe.

Almost immediately, there was a desire to snatch up anything with a bee on it, to paint bees and was partnered up with a fellow artist who's very important title is Queen Bee. The Universe was giving me signs, but in the hustle and bustle of the move, I neglected to notice. Then the bees began to buzz about me a bit more often, in effect following me on walks in the park, hanging about while I was sitting on a bench near nothing but sandy riverbed; one landed on my hand and a light bulb of realization switched on in my brain.

These are my spirit animals; the bees. The mysterious, buzzing creatures of Spring and Summer. Insects who many people fear, despite my having never met a bumbling bee who, like an angry hornet, just stings you for the hell of it. Messengers of the Gods, travelers between the Otherworld and the realm of the living, bees are filled with wisdom and hold the secrets of communication. They are associated with life and death.

Shortly after the living bees began to keep me company, dead bees began to lay in my path. I found the first while walking home, laying in the shoulder of the road. I brought it home, set it on my alter with offerings of rose petals and honey and there it has stayed. Within days I had found several more, dead in the garden. I kept one more particularly lovely one, who seemed to have just layed down where I was intending to transplant my sage, and died.

Since the bees, I have encountered more dead animals then ever before. Many of them birds, but some smaller mammals such as hares and squirrels have been laying in my path as well. I say a few words over them whenever I come across them, and if the opportunity were to arise where was able, I would inter them and send them on their journey with offerings as I did with the bees.

I feel a transition forming on this crooked path of mine, this witch is being pulled and called in a new direction as it forks. I feel the call of the Wilds more strongly and Death has been leaving calling cards around. I find myself wishing to root around more in the muck, to get my hands dirty. I'm being drawn towards traditional witchcraft, folk magic, hedgewitchery. When spaced out and working in my personal art journal and during meditation, I've been scribbling sigils, though I know not what they mean.

I feel a renewed strength in myself, a renewed faith in my path. I hunger to learn more; to read, to experience. I wish to learn more about working with muck and bones and roots and the dead and dying animals who seem to be finding their way to me, though admittedly not with as much frequency as their living counterparts.

It all began with the bees.

If you know of any informative blogs or books on the subjects of animal working, rootworking, bones or magical symbols, please, let me know and I will seek them out. It seems incredibly difficult to find books on Hedgewitchery or Traditional Witchcraft that are very good.


  1. I'm sorry I can't assist you in finding a blog or book to help you on your path. But, I wanted to tell you that I think it's wonderful how you see a positive in your encounters with the dead animals you are finding. I consider myself a bit of a cottage witch but, I'm no expert in witchery or wicca. But, I think a lot of people would find it a bad omen to see death around them. We all return to the earth at some point. I look forward to hearing more about the discoveries on your path.


  2. What wonderful creatures, bees. I love them & always feel lucky if one lands on me. And a kiss from a bee is the best of luck! =D

    The Way of the Hedgewitch is one of the best pagan books I've ever read. I love it. I read it again & again. It's by Arin Murphy Hiscock & is a treasure!

    The Pagan Book of Living & Dying by Starhawk is another book I'm reading through right now. Death, the dying & the dead are all very sacred & special to me. I feel called to work with them & will one day be a death midwife.

    I hope you find these books of interest to you!

    Another book that's terribly interesting is Stiff, by Mary Roach. It's not a witchy book, but terribly interesting & is one of the books that got me started thinking in earnest about assisting the dying & their families through that transition, and then caring for the bodies of the deceased.

    Happy reading & I hope you enjoy this new twist & turn in your path. ^-^


  3. Ted Andrews is my go to when it comes to working with Animals. I have his cards and books.

    Great post Queen Bee : )

  4. Ms. Danni: lovely posting. I worked at a place called Beehive Fabrics and there was two hives in the back of the store. I was scared at first but then came to know and learn that the bees are remarkable creatures. They can teach us alot. And BlakkDuchess is absolutely spot on a bee kiss is very good luck.
    A little bug whispered to me that you might have more little critters winging their way to you. Be on the look out. The Olde Bagg

  5. This is an exciting time for you! I am very fascinated by your encounters and how you are interpreting them. Have you seen Poppy Palin's "Craft of the Wild Witch"? Blessings to you and the Bees!!!

  6. It's amazing what happens when something clicks and things just start to fall into place! I'm excited for you and can't wait to read more about what you learn. I'm not very familiar with Hedgewitchery or Traditional Witchcraft so it'll be interesting to read! :)

  7. I would recommend "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. It's a book about animal totems and I have found it very useful and helpful. :)

    He also has a tarot deck that uses animals, but since I don't do tarot I can't really say anything about it.

  8. Wow, what a poweerful aniamal guide to find you, Danni. I had a lot of beez buzzing around my house a few months ago. They were building a hive in my house wall and I tried to have them removed safely but alas, couldn't happen. They were African Bees too which are different than the honey bees. Bees were so sacred to the Goddess and honey is one of the most magickal ingredients of all. Hmmmm, perhaps a spirit/totem animal blog event in the makes? I love hearing about your experiences with animals, Danni...

  9. I will also fully endorse Animal Speak. Andrews wrote an amazing book. I have a copy and I swear by it. :)

  10. I tagged you in my post today : )

  11. You are so tuned in with the place you live in. You are in touch with Nature and living things. I adore bees, i believe they are very attractive beings. I think it is an excellent idea to place the dead bee on your altar with offerings of flowers and honey! This post was inspirational and very positive!
    Brightest blessings.

  12. Thank you all for the thoughts, suggestions and support. I'm excited to be taking this new turn in my path and looking forward to learning as much as I can from both the written word and the world outside. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ted Andrews 'Animal Speak' and Paul A Huson's 'Mastering Witchcraft' in the mail.

  13. Danni, what a beautiful road you are on. Meeting with the Life-Death-Life Mother in full circle. So many turn from this "darker" side of life but we witches know it is as important or sometimes even more so to our connection with all this is. You are a beautiful young woman.

    I love Ted Andrews "Animal Speak" as a guide to animal spirits.


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