Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I've been buzzing around town and the apartment, looking for a day job with decent hours and preparing for the big move into our new house! The closing date is quickly approaching, only 13 days and I've officially turned into a bundle of nervous energy accented by extended periods of laziness. Sounds like a strange combination and I may not be feeling quite so if it weren't for the fact that I'm still adjusting to having people living in our space; more specifically in our second bedroom which for the past year has been my office. You see, while I love my brother dearly and am doing this to help him out while he gets settled in his job and finds a place for him and his girlfriend, I'm going a bit mad.

I'm an incredibly private person who needs at least a hula-hoop's worth of personal space and extended periods to just be by myself and ponder; just me, myself, maybe my house goblin, maybe the divine and I. These are the times I delve into myself and talk with my shadow, take time to unwind and fully relax, read, divine, make some magic and create art. The art thing is really what's getting to me, as I can escape into my bedroom to get some time without folks under foot but if folks are still snoozing away come noon and I've been itching to create something for a few hours - the creative bug is replaced with a sleepy sort of apathy. In two weeks time I'll have my creative space all to myself again and I absolutely cannot wait.

That's not to say I haven't created anything new however. I recently finished what will be my final swap for a while on Craftster : The Terribly Important S.O.B swap. In a humorous twist given my current flurry of activity, the universe paired me up with someone who I was able to gift with crafts featuring my beloved bees.

First up, a wee shrine to the Queen Bee herself!

The Queen Bee was made from a single wine cork which I dissected and painted.

Secondly, my personal favorite item and the one I was tempted for a brief moment to keep for myself:

Because seriously? What Queen Bee doesn't need a royal scepter to whack people with?

P.S. For the record, those diamonds were tedious to paint! I love the way they turned out though, so much so that the back of the spoon is done up in them as well.


  1. Your Queen Bee shrine made me laugh right out loud. Thanks for that!

  2. I absolutely ADORE the royal scepter!!!

    I completely understand your NEED to be alone and ponder, I am very much the same way... I need time to be in my own head...

  3. I love the shrine and this scepter is brilliant! Both are quite clever.

  4. The scepter is great! Can't wait to see what you come up with after the move. Hang in there, you will be fine.
    Kat (also known as she who had to move about a gazillion times before I got my dream house)
    p.s Is that by any chance a "Blessed Bee"? :)

  5. I don't have an artsy bone in my body, perhaps I should beat you with that fabulous spoon and steal one of yours!

  6. I am not able to view your incredible shrine I am hearing so much about but I'll bet it is spectacular. My screen shows no images on this post.

  7. Three things: First, congrats on the closing coming up..I am thrilled for you and your husband. We bought our first home almost 6 years ago and the thrill has still not worn off. second, I feel your mixed emotions about having someone in your space...the need for privacy and aloneness is important, especially when wanting to do spell work, etc. My brother lives with us and I am truly never alone. Thirdly, I love your Queen Bee..I got such a giggle when I saw her. She is the bee's knees!! Keep on keeping on now. Can't wait to hear about the move. Will there be photos, I hope?

  8. How kewl. I love the Queen bee et al.
    I do know EXACTLY how you feel about not enough personal space.....after all I am a hermit with 4 other souls occupyig my abode. So I even know the intricate steps that go with the "must create, can't move" tango. But have a hope horizon and I have grands to entertain so we are both blessed. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  9. I LOVE these! Especially the scepter...beautiful! Congrats on the new house, I'm sure you'll be settled in and happily creating again in no time!

  10. =D
    These both are awesome! I love the Queen bee shrine, but the scepter (for whacking people with!) takes the cake!!! XD

    I'm totally with you there on the needing your space thing... Hang in there, lady... You'll make it!

    And you're a wonderful sister for letting your brother come stay. ^-^

    Hope you have a supremely awesome day!


  11. Amazing creations! I feel the exact same as you...I need my me time and space to do as I need or feel the need to do. When both the hubby and his dad are working days during the week (as I'm still job hunting myself) I love it because I get at least a full 8hrs Mon to Thurs to myself to clean, create, and do as I please...His dad's laid off right now though (both in construction type work) and it's driving me batty!

  12. I love the scepter! Perhaps I'll have to create one similar for myself, but a different theme. I love bees and all, but it wouldn't be my first choice. Love the Queen herself too xD

  13. Oh I hear ya! I need my space and haven't had any for quite some time. I trust everything is happening as it should, though. This is me...trusting.

    What a lucky swap partner you had! Wow! That is awesome stuff.

  14. Wow! Your swap partner is a lucky gal, your work is wonderful! Love the bees, and I agree that the diamonds are excellent :) As for what you were saying about private space, I honestly know EXACTLY what you're on about. Back in my uni days I used to live with what seemed like millions of people at times and it didn't bother me in the slightest. Now I've been living with just my fella for around six years I don't know how I ever did it! We have a spare bedroom and it's my own wee place too. Every so often his brother or one of my friends will come to stay and even though it's usually only for a weekend or so by the end I'm always so glad to reclaim the quietness. So I can imagine that a few weeks would be driving you mad. And don't feel bad for saying, I'm sure your brother understands himself! Anyway, sorry for not calling in for a while, looking forward to a wee catch up here now :)


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