Monday, March 7, 2011

Believe and Nature

I've been keeping up better then expected with the 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling. In fact, it's been my retreat from stresses and I've put together a basket of supplies amidst the boxes in my dining room and keep the book itself either in the basket or on my bookshelf so I can work on it even if folks are sleeping late and I can't get to my desk. It's my bit of alone time, even if I'm working at the dining room table; I put on my headphones and work. It's funny how headphones have become a sort of universal symbol for 'leave me alone' or 'I'm working'. My husband actually has a pair at work that he sometimes puts on when he has a lot of work to get done and doesn't want to be disturbed unless it's important - sometimes he doesn't even plug them in, just puts them on.

More on topic, I've finished a few more pages in my journal based on the topics 'I believe' and 'Nature'.

I Believe...

A page that speaks to just a few of the things I believe to be true or to hold value. Initially, riding the coat-tails of February's fairy fever I was going to devote the page to the wee folk however when I sat down to paint I was called to greens and blues and the Earth Mother and Sky Father took shape on the pages.

As a witch, I've always focused heavily on balance and the dichotomy of the Divine as relates to the God and Goddess/Male and Female aspects of Nature. Even before Lugh whispered to me that I should honor and work with him and I had no specific male deity that I worked with, I honored the God along with the Goddess during rituals and blessings.

I believe in divinity, in balance, in love, in magic and most importantly; in myself.


As you can tell from my previous art journal post nature is at the forefront of my path and has already played heavily in my journal. To keep from being redundant with my pages, I decided to use this page to highlight why I choose old novels to hold my journals. I blocked out this particular page with acrylics leaving only the blurb:

"This book has been produced
for the conservation of paper, metal and other essential materials."

You'll notice the block of white between the two sentences where it seems something was previously written? It was initially a line about government regulations which I chose to emit. I reclaim old discarded books for my journals in an effort to reduce the amount of wasted paper, if I don't buy a new book and keep an old one out of the landfill then I've made a teeny tiny step to conserve our natural resources. The government doesn't mandate that I do such and so I chose to white the line out.

I chose to keep the artwork simple, merely highlighting a small part of the reason I try to protect and do as little harm as possible to Nature. Nature is about connections; it is to be revered, protected, admired and nurtured. If you sit still, listen and watch Nature can teach you, or offer a safe quiet place to lean when you need it.

So my dearies, you know a bit about what I believe as well as a little bit about what role Nature plays in my path. What does 'I Believe' and 'Nature' spark in you? Feel free to share here in the comments or on your own blog, but be sure to leave me a link in the comments if you do so that way I can come visit!


  1. Amazing pieces!! I am very easily being inspired to do my own version of this, as I assume 52 Weeks is long underway now. I have lots of acrylics I could paint with, and I know there were old books we found in the basement...I'd like a larger sized on to be easier to paint on, as I'm horrible at painting LOL

    I Believe and Nature....for me the ever coming of Spring and regrowth, and following the lines of wanting to save our planet is forefront (I am the *coughbitchcough* of the recycling at the house as myself and the hubby are the only ones who try to keep the rest (his father mainly) from tossing them out....It's a battle sometimes, but one I hope to win soon hehe), and just knowing how Nature makes you feel...alive, calm, peaceful, and in harmony.

  2. Oh I love your pieces, so bold and bright and beautiful!
    Glad to see that others a posting their work too.
    Happy Creating!
    @ SilverFox, the 52 weeks is just getting underway, we are only at the 5th this week so come join us! Danni has a button on her sidebar with a linky :)

  3. hehe Thanks Danni for stopping by and Sage I think I shall do just that! :D

  4. Such a delightful post, and so echoing of my own path. The duality of my path, honoring both the God and The Goddess, and listening to Nature, observing, watching, learning. Your art is so lovely; how perfect an idea to use old books for your art journal...clever witch!

  5. Wow, that first painting is beautiful. I have started incorporating the God into my daily devotions since the beginning of the year. I have a large green candle for the Goddess and a large blue one for the God.

  6. Found an old coil phone book which will be perfect I think :D I am excited, but have one question as I read through each week and will see what comes of it <3

  7. "Believe and Nature" looks wonderful through your eyes! And so does my Goddess, I got her last night. She is SOOOOOO gorgeous!

  8. OOOH I love your pages. I love how they both just draw you into the pages. I have just put mine up

  9. Your art and sentiments are so beautiful, Danni. You are a truly a sweet spirit.

  10. Beautiful pages as ever Danni! Love the theme too. I've been pondering the question you posed at the end and for some reason I can't seperate the two. For me 'I believe' and 'nature' are linked because it's mainly when I'm out in wandering in nature's beauty that I'm most at one with my beliefs. I don't follow any religious path - in fact I'm normally quite against all 'religion' no matter how well intentioned, though I do find myself continually drawn to the old ways. I am however quite comfortable with my spiritual soul, particularly while out walking in the woods, or sitting on a the beach watching the tide come in, or even just sitting here listening to the rain beat off my window. So I suppose you could say I believe in nature. Sorry, I know that sounds cheesy, but you asked! Thanks for asking though :) And again, great journaling!

  11. These are truly beautiful journal pages! They speak so well to the beliefs you hold true, and the artwork is lovely. Thanks for sharing! Theresa

  12. Just catching up... I love the believe page (i love them both, but extra love to the believe page). It actually sort of reminds me of Michaelango's Sistine Chapel (where God and Adam touch - the divine spark). Love it, especially the way you captured the earth in her belly.

  13. I'm so glad that others had the same connection with I Believe and Nature, for me it's the connection of all things that flow through nature and my deepest beliefs.... and the Earth Goddess is amazing!


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