Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fairies and Flowers

Jeanne from The Candy Corn Chronicles is back to share a bit more of her knowledge of the fae. This time she's sharing information on the correlation of faeries and flowers.

"Three Spirits Filled With Joy" by Warwick Goble

Faery Plant Spell

"I ask a Faery from the wild,
To come and tend this wee (insert plant name)-child.
A babe of air she thrives today,
Root her soul in the Goddesses' good clay.
Faeries make this twig your bower,
By your magic shall time see her flower!"

*** Bluebells represent kindness and are the most potent of all Faery flowers. They are also called "warning bells" because they can often be found planted near Faery Homes and will warn the Fae of a Human's approach. The beckoning of Bluebells bring Faeries to their midnight dances. To travel into a bluebell glade is to find yourself in a place of concentrated Faery magick and enchantment.

*** Clover of any kind attracts Faeries to your garden. Lay seven single heads of grain on a four-leaf clover to see the Fae.

*** The Daisy is a favorite flower of the Wood Nymphs. Relax among these flowers to make contact with them.

*** Forget-me-nots are a symbol of love and devotion. If you place these flowers on the side of a mountain where Faery treasure is hidden, secret cavern walls will open up for you.

*** Foxglove flowers are worn by Faeries as gloves and hats and the little flecks found on the flowers are surely Faery fingerprints. Poor luck will follow those who pick these flowers and bring them into their home.

*** Gardenias help to increase your telepathic abilities with all the Nature Spirits. As well as to help bring peace within yourself.

*** Heather Faeries are attracted to shy humans. Faeries that live among the heather undisturbed are said to feast on the heather stalks. Heather flowers represent peace and solitude. Heather is also said to open portals between the worlds.

*** The sweet scent of Jasmine attracts Faeries to a garden.

*** Make Marigold blossoms into a jam. Eat the jam in the morning and you should be seeing Faeries by noon. ***Before consuming any plant, MAKE SURE you know what you are eating. When in doubt contact an expert!***

*** Milkweed is another Fae favorite. If milkweed is planted in a garden, then Faeries won't be far away.

*** Primrose has the power to reveal the invisible. The pathway to the Faery Realm can be opened by touching a Faery rock with the right number of primroses. BEWARE! if the number is wrong you may open the door to where you don't want to be. To attract the Fae, plant primroses in the garden or hang dried bouquets over the doors.

*** Roses always attract the Fae to a garden. Their sweet scent and velvety petals attract all Elemental Spirits. When asking the Fae for their assistance with a spell (especially a love spell), sprinkle petals on the ground and softly dance upon them.

*** Thyme will bring Faeries into your garden. And hanging dried sprigs in your window will bring them into your home.

*** Violets are sacred to all Faeries. Gathering Violets in the spring will bring good luck and a wish come true courtesy of the Faery Realm.

*** White Lotus is believed to be Nymphs in disguise by many people.

"Fairy Song" by Arthur Rackham


  1. beautiful flower and fairy information. Thanks, Jeanne!

  2. Wonderful overview of fairy-related flora, great work! The Rackham is just gorgeous and the colors in both prints are so vivid.

  3. I grew up with the wonderful and gorgeous work of Cicely Mary Barker so this post brought back fun memories of good friends. Lovely post Jeanne and I always love the spells you include here. Time to go out to my garden and play with the fae among my flowers :)

  4. wonderful information, such a great post to read. Hugs Sara

  5. What a wonderful correspondence list! Thank you for passing this info along!

  6. You are most welcome! :0)
    I love Rackham's work. So fun! And I forgotten about Cicely Mary Baker...she is another wonderful flower faery artist. Thank you Wendy for bringing back those lovely memories.

  7. Thanks, Jeanne! This post was filled with such wonderful information! Now I know which additional flowers to plant in our gardens. I also enjoyed seeing the work of several of my favorite artists - especially Arthur Rackham! Theresa

  8. Thanks so much Jeanne! I LOVED this post, one of my favourites so far. I must save that list for future reference!!!