Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunrise Mountain

Sunrise Mountain is a misleading name for this place, not because it isn't a mountain, but because the sunsets from its peak are so much more magnificent than the sunrises! There is no place in my home town where I spent more time growing up or that holds more magic to me than this mountain except for the woods in my own backyard. There is so much friendly forest energy in this place that if you let yourself, you could be lost in the forests whispers and embraces for hours, days or forever. There is a pull to this area that drives me to visit in times of great stress, great happiness, in sorrow or when I am seeking solitude. Whenever I wander the well worn paths to the peak or the wild unruly trails through the forest at the foot of the mountain, or sit on one of the boulders gazing out at the horizon, I can feel something watching me. It has never felt malicious nor mischievous but patient and tender, it feels as though the forest itself is watching over and protecting me while I am in its vicinity.

I was disheartened when I realized the last time I had visited the mountain was before I was married and felt the familiar tug on my heart to return. When I was visiting home, I made visiting the mountain at sunset one of my top priorities. I bundled my love, my brother and his girlfriend into my car and we lost ourselves, under the ever watchful eyes of the forest spirits who dwell there, on the mountain top for a few hours.

If you bring binoculars, you can see the house I grew up in from here on a clear day.

The setting sun...

The rising moon...

The 30+ more photos of the ridiculous amount I took are over on my Flickr page if anyone is interested in seeing more.

Now that you've seen one of my magical places, I have to ask my dears, what places are magical and special to you? Feel free to tell me in the comments, or if you feel so inclined, blog about them and leave me a link so I can come visit them virtually.


  1. A magickal place indeed. Great photos of the surrounds. I'm glad you got to "connect" again with a special place while at home to visit.
    My favorite magickal place is my back porch. Hokey but true. There is evidence of faithful magickal encouters there and we hold our rituals there as well.
    But I do love the mountains of Northern New Mexico. We have some land near Chapelle between Santa Fe and Las Vegas and when we get the chance......well it is alive with spiritual energy and we all recharge our "batteries" there. Thanks for asking dear one, THe Olde Bagg

  2. Thank you for sharing your magical place with us! It sure is beautiful.
    My magical place is the woods in northern Wisconsin. I have an uncle who lives up there and every summer my dad would take me up there for a week or two. It was the highlight of my whole year. Now as an adult it is the place I long to go to more then anywhere else. It's the only place I've ever felt "at home" in.
    It's my dream to buy some land up there and live in the woods.
    I wish for everyone to find their own magical place.

  3. Your magical place is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I could have been there. :) I think locally my magickal place is probably a near by park that has trails that go deep into the woods. It's so peacful you can almost hear the whipers on the wind. But I think I will always love the mountains here in Virginia (unfortuantley not the 6 hour drive to get to them). There's just something magestic about them. They've seen the dawn of many ages. Thanks for sharing! <3

  4. your magical place is just lovely.

  5. Lake Michigan! The shore in the city is nice when it's not too crowded, but the lakeshore on the Michigan side and up in Door County, WI is absolutely breathtaking. I also love New Orleans. And Disney World and the various museums I love are filled with the magic of childhood.
    I'm hoping to visit the Smokies and Yellowstone cuz they look pretty darn magical too.
    I have to admit, I had no idea there were woods and mountains in New Jersey!


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