Friday, October 1, 2010

Countdown to Hallowe'en

It's October 1st and you know what that means, it's time to count down to Hallowe'en!

I'm sure you're all about to pop from all the blog parties going around this season, but one more teensy, tinsy one couldn't hurt could it? If you're like me, you'll probably be doing a good amount of activities this month and it'll be easy as pumpkin pie to keep up.

Here's all you have to do to play along:

Do something Autumny or Halloweeny every day, ending with the big event on the 31st. It need not be anything difficult or eleborate, just a little something to get you in the spirit. Share what you've been up to on your blogs either daily, every few days, weekly.. whenever you're able! All I ask is you have a maniacally good time!

Some ideas for activities:
Go pumpkin or apple picking
Carve Jack-o-Lanterns
Make seasonal snacks and meals
Hit up a local corn maze
Read a scary story
Watch a scary (or not so scary) movie
Get a group of friends together and tell ghost stories
Make a big leaf pile and jump on in!
Collect and identify fallen leaves
Create a witches bottle
Create your own Samhain candles or incense
Share costume ideas
Create Halloween inspired crafts
Decorate your home room by room and share your decor with us!
Make bewitching cocktails with friends
Participate in any number of Halloween blog parties going on right now... ;o)

Anything else you can conjure up! Large project or small, it all counts!

Let me know if you'll be playing along and I'll add your name and blog link to this post and to my right sidebar! If that sounds like a fiendishly good time to you please feel free to grab the button off of my sidebar and add it to your blog linking back to this post.

I'll be checking in with all of you throughout the month and see what sort of mischief you've gotten yourselves into! Let the countdown begin!

Fellow revelers:
Linda in New Mexico
Krystyl Ravyn
Willow Silverhorse
K. Michelle Craftyfae
Serenity Athenina
The Haven
I Used To Be A Person
Lady Cattra Shadow
Ponderosa Pagan
The Traveler


  1. Oh now who in their left mind could possibly resist your offer??? Not me. I'd be pleased to join you and will offer at least twice a week updates on our fiendish plots, plans and party prep. Thanks darling...........The Olde Bagg

  2. I'm making Happy Potter themed felt food for a swap :) it's Halloweeny to me!

  3. Andreann, Harry Potter stuff is certainly Halloweeny! I have plans to watch all the movies this month. ;)

  4. Ooh, this sounds like fun. I'd love to join in as well.

  5. Count me in too, this sounds too fun to pass up.

  6. Loving the Halloween look Danni! How very festive. What is is about bloggers and Autumn? Anyway, count me in with the partiers! I've already been up to my eyes in Halloweeny stuff as I've been doing some press work for a local Haunted House event. I'm taking part as a performer too so I'll be spooking people out most evenings! I just want to say thanks, too, for introducing me to blog parties. If it wasn't for Journaling in July I may never have known how much fun they could be! Well, hope you're having a lovely day :)
    Roisin x

  7. I would love to join but with school I just can not post every day. :( But I will be tuned in for what everyone else is posting.

  8. I will definately be going all-halloween the month of October.... Can't wait to see what everyone cooks up!

  9. Hehe, I certainly twisted your arm Betsy. <3

  10. As I am new to blogging, I have never done one of these sort of things. It sounds like fun and I would like to give it a try! All I have to do is figure it out. :)

  11. I'm in! I love all of these cool things! I'm in like a million blog parties and teas, and you name it. I'm also in Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween which I am quite proud of! Also, not to steal your thunder Danni, but I wanted to share with yall that I am also hosting a blog party called Inspiring Witches Halloween Blog Party. Stop by A College Witch's Experiences to find out more!

  12. Ohh! I'm so in! It's about time I get off my witchy toosh and get some Halloweeny things made :)

  13. Thank you for thinking of me! ♥
    Not real sure how many Halloween activities we will be doing this year - Hubby is in the last semester at college & I am painting the house, getting it ready to put on the market. Plus we live on the buckle of the Bible Belt which means there isn't a lot of local stuff happening.

    But I am doing a lot on my blog. Does that count?

  14. This is a great idea. I'll be doing Halloween stuff all month anyway, why not share with all of you and see what everyone else is up to. Thanks for the invite, I've added your button to my blog!

  15. Thanx! Count me in then!! Got your button on my blog!

  16. Count me in! I accept your 31 days as a challenge (since I'm terrible at posting regularly) ;)

  17. Count me in too! I may not be able to post daily, but you can bet I'll find something Halloween-y to do every day, and I'll make sure to include it when I post! Too fun!

  18. Count me in too - I'm going to have 31 days of Halloween on my blog as well

    I've posted your button

  19. I think that I need to participate in this party. It would be really fun and a good way to keep my head into the season and not focus on the problems going on.
    I will try and start tonight. I am going to be going for a weekly post. So look for it here

  20. Of COURSE I'm joining in! :) is my Hallowe'en blog, but I will update on Hallowe'en on occasion on, too! :)

  21. Now how did I miss this? I am so in! The the running amuck commence!

  22. I love Halloween and the blogs, but the time is diffrent USA/Germany...but i will make a blogpartytime...sorry for my bad english...!!!
    Kerstin from Germany