Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our First Year

My lovely and I met while working in retail over 4 years ago, and have been firmly attached to each other ever since. Well, except for that one time (when we were in that limbo between friendship and dating) when he ran off to another country for 3 months to figure out what he wanted in life and who he was. But, that was years ago and he decided the right place for him was with me, so I can't really be mad about that anymore.

I can remember the night I fell for him vividly. He was wearing an army jacket and wire framed glasses. He had a goatee at the time and not the full beard he loves so much now. We were at Ruby Tuesdays with friends from work and he had ordered cheese fries with bacon and sour cream. I had come over after work and looked so very sexy in my polo shirt and khaki pants. We had spent about an hour there talking, laughing and eating when out of the blue he picked up the hunk of fries and tried to eat it as if it were a sandwich. He failed, and looked at me giggling, his green eyes sparkled even in the low light. He had sour cream and nacho cheese on the tip of his nose and I was head over heels in love.

We started dating about a year later and he proposed to me less than a year later.

No one was around to snap our photo, so this is our engagement photo. I think it suits us.

The proposal was so amazing, I'm still touched and think I will continue to be so for the remainder of my days. I was expecting it under the tree at christmas, maybe on the boat while we were whale watching, even at a restaurant. Apparently my lovely knew me so well, he had an even better idea.

We had made plans to go pumpkin picking, because it is my absolute favourite Autumn activity. I leaped into the hay wagon with more excitement than any kid in the entire area and Joe followed behind, all the while shuffling around in his backpack and coming out victoriously with a chapstick.

When we got up to the patch however, I was a wee bit disappointed. Nothing takes the fun out of pumpkin picking like pre cut pumpkins. Joe saw this and decided to cheer me up - he bet he could find me the perfect pumpkin before I found one myself. I can't turn down a bet involving pumpkins so we split up to cover the field...

10 minutes later, Joe starts waving me over saying he found a pumpkin he just knows I'm going to want. I rush over...

There's no pumpkin on the ground. Where's this perfect pumpkin?

Joe brought his hand out from behind his back and lo...

That man didn't even get a chance to ask the question before I tackled him, put the ring on my finger and smothered him in kisses (all at once, mind you!). He did ask once he caught his breathe and I now completely trust his taste in pumpkins.

Today is my husband and mine's first anniversary. We were married on a perfect Autumn day; outside on the edge of a lake, firey trees all around us and the temperature a comfortable low 70's.

If anyone ever tells you that no matter what, you will be nervous on your wedding day, believe them! Joe and I had been living together for a while and I had no nerves what-so-ever up until the night before the wedding. That night I slept for approximately 45 minutes, my stomach was in knots the next morning and all I ate before going to sleep on my wedding night was 1/2 an agg, a ravioli and a nibble of wedding cake.

Nerves. Thank the Goddess I don't have to worry about those again!

He couldn't resist trying to eat my brains, even in the middle of our photo shoot. Oh, (zombie) love. ;)


  1. That is simply the best proposal story EVER. Beautiful wedding photos as well... happy anniversary!

  2. Happy, happy, happy anniversary! May that one year flourish into many, many, many more (from one who has over 30 - Yikes!!) Congratulations - in more way that one!


    I'll be in touch!

  3. Aaawww..that is so sweet! Happy anniversary!

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! =) My long time, live in boyfriend and I have talked of marriage many times. He has certain legal atm that will not permit an official contract; however, we are talking of a handfasting perhaps this All Hallow's Eve. =)

  5. What a proposal! So perfect! Have a wonderfully happy Anniversary! And many, many more!

  6. congratulations! that was an awesome proposal!

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary. What a unique proposal. Love the wedding photos. I am hoping when my son gets married, he wears a kilt too!

  8. of the best proposals EVER!
    You've got a keeper. :)

    And you look so pretty in your wedding gown.


  9. I know this is a bit of an older post but OH MY GOD this is adorable. It made me cry a bit :)


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