Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkins and Sass

Our anniversary was wonderful. Thank you everyone for the comments, congratulations and blessings!

We slept late, had lunch at the hot dog place we love, went pumpkin picking, ate delicious Godiva chocolates and went to dinner at a swanky Italian restaurant. Fancy dining usually isn't our thing, but it's nice to get prettied up and go out every so often. :)

For anyone curious about my 9th day of October activity, I worked on my husband's anniversary gift. The first anniversary is the paper anniversary, and after scanning the internet and seeing that women were doing boudoir photos for their husband's I decided to do a book of pinup photos of myself for him.

So I set up my camera, got into outfit and shot some sassy photos.

What does this have to do with being festive? My photos were kitchen witch themed of course! Here's one of the less sassy photos (I cropped out the cleavage... lol!)

I'll be picking the winner of my giveaway tonight and sending him off before I leave for our mini getaway to Hershey, PA Wednesday. Have a magical Sunday!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Anniversary!
    The photo shoot sounds like a great idea ~ I love your tattoo by the way!
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. sounds like so much fun... the pumpkin patch is wonderful .... and the photo idea.. love it.. I do the same for vincent on various holidays and such.... its a fun think.. love you tatoo by the way...

  3. two are the sweetest! Sounds like a wonderful anniversary weekend! Sassy photo indeed! I'm sure he loved his gift!

  4. What a great idea of a gift.I love the pic you two looks so cute together.

  5. Well thanks to reading your blog, I looked up at my calendar and realized my hubby and I had forgotten all about our anniversary!!! LOL We were married Oct. 6th, in second and his 4th! I just called him and we both got a laugh out of that..he said we love each other so much we don't notice the dates...aaawwww, love that man!! So, congrats on your anniversary and many, many more!

  6. Sounds like the PERFECT day.
    So glad you guys had a lovely anniversary.

    And what a great idea for an anniversary present. I'm sure he was totally thrilled. :D



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