Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rule #2... the Double Tap

Nothing gets me in the mood for Halloween the way zombies do. We went to the theatre tonight, and after stewing in anger after the '2012' trailer played(that's a rant for another day) Zombieland offered me a swift kick to the funny bone.

It was humourous, zombie-filled and even had a hilarious cameo by one of my all time favourite actors! All in all, an excellent way to spend a little over an hour and a half.


  1. I'm so excited about seeing this movie! I also love zombie movies.

  2. good to hear, I hate going to a movie without seeing a good review first! I'm going this weekend!

  3. I can't wait to go see this one. I love kitschy horror flicks and this one looks to be right up my alley!

  4. Hey, they filmed a whole bunch of this here at Wild Adventures!! (I think the rest was filmed in Cali) They had casting tryouts for the zombies, but I didn't get to go :( A friend of mine is a zombie in it, though! The whole town (Valdosta, Ga) was in a frenzy when it was released.... early showings, zombie partys!! Some guy that's on the early show on the rock station was also an extra and they were talking about him riding his bike when he left filming with his make up still on- blood and brains everywhere!! Oh, if only you were down here :)

  5. now I'm curious about the 2012 trailer.

    I've heard from a bunch of people that Zombieland is a great movie. Definitely need to see that one.


  6. Zombies scare the crap out of me, actually, but I may suck it up and go see this one anyway because it looks so funny too!

  7. Oh, Jenna... I'm so jealous!!

    Rue, there were only 1 or 2 times I was startled. It's definitely more funny than scary and gorey. ;)

    Boo, nothing the trailer did made me angry... the fact that the movie exists gets under my skin. Probably because it's one of those huge mythologies that so many people the world over are literally terrified of despite the fact that(as my husband the mayan guru has explained and shown me in various books)that the prophecy never says the world will end.

    Reminding people of overwhelming fears on the big screen just seems tasteless to me. I know people go to horror movies to be scared (like Rue and the zombies, and myself and anything with clowns in it... ew.) but those have never bothered me.

    Maybe I'm just weird. Lol.

  8. havent seen this movie yet... want to go...
    congrats on your 2nd win with Mrs. B.... you go girl...


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