Wednesday, October 7, 2009

5th, 6th, 7th and a MOUSE!

On the fifth day of October I had late nite apple cider and doughnuts with a friend I haven't seen in a while.

The sixth day of October had me at the craft store looking for Halloween craft projects, alas, their stock had all but run dry! Luckily, I remembered a craft I had seen over at Mrs. B's Facebook page and was able to get some supplies to work on that project on an upcoming day...

Whatever am I going to do with such oddball items?

I also snatched up a pair of adorable black witch boot taper holders and some orange candles that are making my altar even more festive.

Today, the seventh of October, I was helping my dear husband clean up our office/craft room (which I affectionately call the 'Chaos Room') when a terrible stomach upset overtook me, I felt woozy and had to lay down. Since I was still feeling gross a little while later, my husband was nice enough to pull out the Halloween decoration boxes for me and I put together my Halloween village on top of our DVD rack.

One of the issues with apartment festivities (and witchery!) is there's a very limited amount of space to work with, so every inch is precious. My lovely and I have a plethora of hobbies, all of which require supplies or storage, so decorating is always a good reason to declutter and reorganise our things. I'll be working on the rest of the living room, and setting up my kitchen apothecary shop over the next few days.

On a non Halloween-festive note, I received a wonderful package in the mail from Anna at Life, Craftiness and Everything Else. Anna is a fellow artisan whose particular passion is making handsewn stuffed mice, and she held a blog contest to win one. And I won! You can check out her work on her Etsy shop The House of Mouse.

Since she was kind enough to allow me to pick any mouse in her shop as my prize, I sat staring at my laptop screen for quite some time, trying to decide which mouse would be my mouse. I was torn between Boba Fett Mouse, Gwendolyn the Witch Mouse, Aragorn Mouse and Iris the Photographer Mouse. I had to assign them each a number, write it on scraps of paper, toss them into my cauldron and pick one! Iris was the winner and she arrived at my home today. That was quick postage from the Netherlands!

Iris checks for interesting shots atop a pumpkin...

She even came with a stamped certificate of authenticity!


  1. apple cider and donuts sounds divine! Sorry you weren't feeling well but at least you have that fantastic village to cheer you up. We are always rearranging and changing things up here too especially with each season change. We moved into the top floor of a house last March from an apartment, the space size is the same but being able to use the yard makes up for it.

  2. Sorry about your tummy - I hope you are feeling better now! Looking at that village and sweet mouse should brighten your spirits!

    I'm in a basement suite - it's not much larger than a small apartment, so I feel your decorating pain! The only plus is that I have free run of the backyard for my gardens.

  3. I hope your feeling better!
    I love that Halloween village, especially the headless horseman.
    That mouse is so cute ~ I think I have seen these on Etsy, she has so many cute ones to choose from!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your kitchen apothecary shop!

  4. Okay, normally I don't hold with miniature villages, but I have to say that Halloween Village is made of awesome. Also, I love House of Mouse! I have Mouse envy! Also, I hope you are feeling world's better.

  5. I love your decorations! And believe me, I understand the limited space in apartments. I'm there with ya, sista-friend.

    As for the mouse, I'm so jealous! LOL They are so cute! But you picked a really cute one though. :)

    Big hugs to you!



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