Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fire in the Sky

It's amazing, how uplifting something as seemingly simple as fireworks can be. As we sat on the quilt I made, watching the twinkling explosions in the sky, I felt energized and light.

At the end of the display I was grinning like a fool and feeling more awake then I have in weeks. I would say I've been feeling burned out, but that's not entirely accurate. Feeling 'off' better sums it up, feeling physically worn down and almost in a constant state of achy between my head, neck and knees. It's felt like a large storm system has been moving in, but there's been no rain.

Until today. I feel refreshed, reinvigorated and am ache free. I blame it on the elements, fire for energizing my spirit and water for cooling and washing away some of the blah. My head is buzzing with so many things suddenly: things to do, things to search inside myself for, things to read. I will be treading lightly, making lists and working slowly out of this funk lest I put myself right back into it.

I had originally intended to post solely about the sheer awesome that was the fireworks show over Greenville last night, but sort of ended up in a cathartic rant. Whoops!

Let me just say, that the finale was unlike anything I've ever seen and I was so spellbound that I didn't snap a single picture! It was like dozens of wreaths of brightly colored christmas lights twinkling in the sky accompanied by the deepest of thunders, for what seemed like ages but was probably only mere minutes. The lovely and I were both grinning and giggling like a couple of mischievous children when the sky finally went dark again and continued in that manner until we laid down to bed.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, Canada Day and Fourth!


  1. It sounds wonderful! I can't wait until next year when the youngest will be ready to stay out that late- watching it from our living room window just wasn't the same.
    I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. Yay for you being able to let fire charge your engine....sometimes that's all it takes is the right element at the right time.
    Happy sparklies in the sky cutie patootie. TOB

  3. Isn't it funny the things that can get you going again? Use that firework energy and let it pick you up. Sometimes I think we all need a little fire in our lives. I will refrain from singing Katy Perry at you, but you know...it kind of fits. :)

  4. Cheerful news!! Inspiration comes in many ways! Glad you enjoyed the fireworks and are feeling fine!!

  5. Fantastic pictures...thanks for sharing!

  6. How wonderful that the beauty of these fireworks also recharged your being! Your photos are always so beautiful, Danni.

  7. Really gorgeous pictures!!! We missed the fireworks cuz we were stuck in traffic to see them for 2 hours! Thanks for letting us see the beauty you saw :)

  8. Fireworks are so amazing. They make me happy, too. These photos are just wonderful. We didn't get to go to the fireworks this year, as my hubby wasn't home and I didn't want to go without him. We'll wait for next year! :) Sounds like you had a nice 4th!


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