Thursday, March 24, 2016

One Ring and A Very Pink Gift

It's been a hell of a week around here, so I'm sharing my work in progess Wednesday a day late. Rules are more like guidelines anyways, right? :)

This week I've begun a re-reading of The Lord of the Rings by hobbit friend and lore-master J.R.R. Tolkien. It's been over a decade since I last lost myself in the pages of this incredible work and I've forgotten SO MUCH! I always enjoy rediscovering a beloved story.

As for my work in progress, I bought the materials for my niece Khloe's 5th birthday gift. 5 years! How did that happen already?!? She's very in to super heroes and her favorite color is pink, so this amazing shiny fabric and extra glittery elastic will become a cape, mask, and gauntlets befitting of such a big birthday occasion.

What are you all up to this week?


  1. not working on my site ... I stalled. LOL! Not sure what is holding me back but I am leaning into it and trusting that the timing will be right when it is.

    Haven't worked on the bedroom furniture either ... and other projects are still in the to-do pile.

    I have had to take some time to let my body heal this week, was still recuperating from the stomach flu up until a few days ago. Getting my diet back in alignment with what feels best for my body but that leads to a bit of detox. that's ok.

    this comment seems whiny. it isn't. just acknowledging life.

    am planning on dying eggs with the grandsons tomorrow, natural dyes. am remembering that it takes longer for them so planning on some more instant gratification projects as well.

    1. Sometimes honest sharing can sound to the one doing it like whining, it's not. You're good! It's been a rough week here. That hero getup was supposed to be done and mailed out by today, and I had a few other projects planned to work on... but, solo parenting this week, mixed with what seem to be allergies in the kiddo, plus a big shift in routine with dad gone led to a toddler (and mom) who did not sleep at all.

      So, the things got pushed to the back burner, we ate a lot of take out and leftovers and caught as many naps as possible. A few months ago I would have been super pissed off that I was going to bed by 8 pm, but it's the most necessary sort of self care. I prefer not working on things to being a rage filled, depressed, sobbing, she-beast. ;)

      I totally forgot all about dying eggs. I don't even HAVE any eggs in the house right now! Maybe we'll do that on Sunday. :)