Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Art Journal & Happiness

Work In Progress Wednesday - I'm resurrecting it!

There's nothing quite like knowing you'll be checking in with yourself (and others) at a set time to keep you motivated and get some projects done. :)

So here's the deal. On Wednesday, let's all share what we're working on *and* what we're reading currently. That way we can gather inspiration, stay motivated, and add more books to our reading lists on Goodreads or in our journals. (or both. I'm not judging!) Feel free to snag the button in the post and on my sidebar and link your posts in the comments if you're joining in so we can see each other's stuff!

This week, I've been working in the massive art journal I created from old artwork last week. I've got a spread started that I'm just starting to really dig. I love all the texture of modeling paste and old book pages as well as these deeper colors. As per usual, I don't have an agenda with this, just seeing where it takes me!

I *just* finished Hector and the Search for Happiness. I really enjoyed the whimsical, quirky way in which the story was told - it felt a bit like a children's book written for adults which made me happy. There were a few things in it that had me sighing and saying "Oh, Hector", but overall I was moved by the stories of his travels and the things he discovered about what causes happiness.

It was a very quick read and just over 150 pages and if it weren't a library copy, it would have most certainly had a bunch of highlights, notes in the margins, and maybe even some glitter thrown in to it. Definitely something I'd read again.


  1. Horay for work in progress Wednesday! I love seeing what people are up to =D I'm really digging the white dots on your art journal

  2. i love this and am adding it to my rotation of blog posts ... next week .. after I get the site redo done.

  3. Hurray! Yippee Skippy. I will be joining in! I'm building a new blogsite and will be laying the old one to rest...there will be a post about it. I look forward to joining you and the others for Work in Progress Wednesday; and its not just because I like the alliteration of W's. :-)


  4. What a wonderful idea, Danni. I can't participate every week, but I'll certainly jump in whenever I can. ♥