I am a tree hugging, star gazing, day dreaming, paint slinging, mess maker. 

Firstly please, call me Danni. The only people who call me 'Danielle' are my mom, total strangers and folks from official offices. I'm A 30 something intuitive artist, kickass wife & mommy, spiritual rogue, polytheist, Ravenclaw, and Jersey girl relocated to the South. I'm an unapologetic dork and bookworm who is sometimes sassy, usually crafty and mildly (but not terribly) vindictive.

My muses are the Earth, Sun and Stars. The shadowed woodlands and deepest ocean depths. Magic and Mystery. Wild spirit, Old Myths and Fairy Tales. Love, despair and all of the emotions in between. Laughter around the warm fire, the love of my life and his unwavering support. Motherhood and the healing work of parenting. Cawing crows, strong coffee, and a healthy dose of curiosity.

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