Monday, June 28, 2010

Journal Supplies and a Bummer

Today's been kind of a bummer. It started out when I rolled out of bed on my day off with a killer migraine. After my headache had begun to subside I hopped online to check my email because today is the day I hear back about the craft show I applied to after much badgering from my husband to do so. I'm tremendously shy when it comes to these sorts of things and as such have never applied before. I went ahead and did it, fully expecting to be rejected, as it's a juried show with only 50 spaces available.

I clicked on the email from the committee and sure enough, I didn't make it in. And although I'm proud that I made the effort to apply and was expecting to lose out to more experienced crafters on the show circuit, I'm still a bit bummed out.

Luckily though, I had many lovely comments on my tea party post to cheer me right up and my Journaling in July blog party to distract me. Speaking of which, I'm so happy that quite a few people are going to journal along with me! Anyone who wants to join in, just let me know and feel free to snag the blog button on the original post and on my sidebar.

While the real meaty entries will begin on my 1 year blog-o-versary on July 1, Dirgesinger had a very good question I'd like to address... what exactly do you need to join in the journaling mayhem?

You will need:

A Book
Any sort of book will do! From a sketchbook, to an book you picked up at a sale but will never read, to a moleskin notebook. If you're comfortable with making art in this book, it's the book for you!

Art Supplies
This can be anything at all! What are you comfortable working with? What do you have laying around? Anything from crayons, to magazine clippings to paints will do.

What do you want to use in your journal? Do you enjoy painting? Do you enjoy collaging or mixed media? Do you want to try out something completely out there? Go gather up whatever it is you might want to use and use it!

The last and final thing you'll need is... your imagination and a willingness to give this a shot.

That's it. Short and sweet. :)


  1. :) Got my supplies and I am ready to journal.

    I'm sorry you didn't make it into the craft show but good for you for putting yourself out there. You definitely have the talent and as long as you keep positive and keep trying you will catch a break.

  2. Ah D... I'm so so glad you tried,,, I've done that as well and not gotten accepted... but it will make you stronger for the next time.

    I love love love your Tea Party!!!! It's just fabulous! Good to see you and your other half : )

    I'll put your name in the virtual hat : )

  3. I can relate to the migraine and glad it eased up for you. Sorry you didn't make it into the craft show. I did come by on Tea Party day but I can't remember if I left a comment. I really enjoyed your Tea Party post.

  4. Well it looks like I got at I need to start! :D
    I'm sorry for the bad day hun.. but you made me laugh with your "'If you mind my mess, you can clean it up" comment!

    Can't wait to start on the journal and see everyone's page!

  5. Headaches are no fun, especially migraines. I was cleaning up my craft table today and remembered that I needed to find the book I've been dying to alter. Found it! And my art supplies are within reach. So looking forward to starting and seeing what everyone creates.

  6. I am going to journal along with you for journaling in July - I grabbed your button - thank you for the opportunity to stop procrastinating about it -

  7. *sigh* Migraines... had a more than stupid crisis that lasted almost one week! Gone and begome now. Hope you're much better now too!

    Sory for the bad news. But don't you dare not trying again on the first opportunity! This is okay, it sucks, but it's okay, nothing happens by chance, and a better chance is waiting for you on the corner, I bet.

    Kisses and love from us.

  8. Ugh... Migraines. My mom and hubby both get them. What a crappy day to start the day :( I am so sorry about the bad news. But, don't give up. I love your art and creations.

    I will be joining you for the journaling. I have all the supplies necessary. I have half started and empty journals, books and notebooks everywhere. I have the habit of starting to journal and then my resolve slowly fizzles out. I'm hoping to stick with it this time. I also have a bunch of art supplies, clippings and lots of random stuff floating around. I hate throwing stuff away. What if I need it?! ;P I am convinced everything has a purpose. lol

  9. Sorry to hear you didn't make the show - but I agree - the most important thing is that you tried!

    I love, love your tea party. Arriving late, but enjoyed the pics so much. You guys looked adorable, and the lion and the unicorn were very handsome!

  10. Thanks a lot for the answer! I am in:)

  11. So sorry about your migraine and about the craft show. It never feels good to be turned down. I've never had the nerve to apply for anything juried.

    I've decided to join in the Journaling in July. I've neglected any sort of journaling or art in general lately so maybe this will get me back in the game. Besides, I have a fresh bottle of Mod Podge that needs to be opened. Thanks!

  12. having a problem grabbing your button to display for journaling in july, do you have the html script for me to copy?


  13. Sorry to hear about your bad day, I hope this one finds you better. On the other note, I've all my supplies ready and I'm geared up to go. Must grab that button now myself!