Sunday, July 14, 2019

Trail Cleanup


Acorn will be 5 this Wednesday and we've been in full birthday mode over here. We celebrated with a big party with his friends and their families yesterday morning and will be going to the ocean for a few days including his actual birthday this week.

But Friday we took a break from getting things ready for his big birthday celebrations to join some friends for a morning of service by cleaning up a popular park and trail about 25 minutes away.

Adorably oversized safety vests were provided, as were trash grabbers and gloves. Acorn and several other young kids and their parents worked hard for nearly 2 hours collecting all kinds of trash. We ended up with less volume than we expected, which is great, but we picked up hundreds of little things like bottle caps and cigarette butts, which is fucking gross.

On the drive over Acorn and I talked about how important it is to put nature and others first, even when it feels like the world is revolving around us a bit. Most especially when we feel that way, honestly. And on the way home he chattered about how proud he felt for helping clean up the woods and how we saw cool mushrooms and a giant beetle and how happy those things must be now that there's less trash in their homes.

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  1. sweet! 5 already? Wow! Happy (belated now) birthday to the little one!