Friday, October 15, 2010

A Fanciful Hallowe'en

Will you follow me to my witches table to be merry and eat all the treats that you're able?
A Fanciful Halloween (2)
A ghastly array of delights you will find, along with witches and creatures of all kinds.
A Fanciful Halloween (14)
A Fanciful Halloween (4)
A Fanciful Halloween (21)
A Fanciful Halloween (19)
A Fanciful Halloween (29)
Perhaps you'd like a cookie or some spiked wicked cider? Or maybe some wine made from oak leaves and spiders?
A Fanciful Halloween (6)
A Fanciful Halloween (1)
A Fanciful Halloween (8)
Mind the mice as they wander over pumpkins who slumber to awake on All Hallows Eve. Feed the ravens if you must but I warn of their lust, for attention and they won't let you leave.
A Fanciful Halloween (20)
A Fanciful Halloween (22)
Off you must be to visit the other revelers making merry or spooky with Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist. I hope you've enjoyed your visit and will return some day, I've lit candles so you can always find the way.

A Fanciful Halloween (5)
A Fanciful Halloween (17)


  1. Love your table decor, beautiful! I would love to join you for a Halloween treat :D

  2. great witchy post! thanks for sharing! i have a magic party and a magical givaway on my blog!!!

  3. Love the decorations. Suitable and tasteful.

  4. I wish I could spend time at this witches table! The decorations are absolutely spectacular!

  5. Beautiful table decor! It looks so inviting! :D

  6. Oh stars above, this was such fun. You are quite the Hallowooonie decorator. I love the tablescape. Congrats on this great AFT Halloween Blog. Linda, The Olde Bagg

  7. I wish I could be there for Halloween! Everything looks wonderful!

  8. I would have LOVED to have been there..and you even had a raven! A very magical party! And thank you for your very kind compliments on your visit to the Fürst family. Best wishes & enjoy the rest of your Halloween blog hop!

  9. How fancy! What a fun party!

    the queen of nostalgia

  10. Thank you so much for having us into your home! And what a beautiful home it is too! Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoyed seeing the Pumpkin Cottage :-) Happy Happy Halloween!

  11. Oh, what a fabulous party!!! It all looks fantastic!

  12. Attention to every detail! I think I saw a relative or two at your party.
    Thank you for a lovely repast.

  13. This is a great set-up... loved the eyeballs!

    (But what really gave me shivers was the thought of mice on the food... ;-)

  14. Lovely party - thanks for the hospitality! Your Halloween decorations are great!
    Cheers, Andrea

  15. The pumpkin cookies is that a made with a cookie stamp?
    If so never seen one here in NZ. Or do you buy the cookies like that?

    Love Leanne

  16. Oh thank you for letting us peek into your wicked soiree!

  17. Oh, I had such a fun time at your party! Thank you for inviting me. Have a wickedly great weekend! Twyla

  18. Fabulously wicked party and such delectable treats. I love your little witches and mousies and hope you don't mind if I grab an extra cookie for the road!

    Come visit for a spell!

  19. Love all your decorations especially the raven! Thanks for the invite, I think I may have overindulged on your wicked cider :-)

  20. It felt so warm and cozy being in your home attending your party. Even though the Ravens tried to bite my fingers :) Wishing you a magickal Samhain season full of delights and a few tricks..

  21. I want to jump a plane and have dinner at your house! Wow - beautiful :-) Thanks for this wonderful glimpse into your home.

  22. What a fantastic party! Thank you for inviting us in for a wonderful evening.

    I would be most delighted if you came to visit my enchanted Halloween Faerie Tale & giveaway:

    Enjoy the parties!

  23. Love your post. Yes, i would love to have a seat at your interesting table.

    Thanks for visiting mine.

  24. Hello Danni,

    seeing your decoration for this party I think you are a fantasylover all year around ?!
    Your treats look lovely and my favorite is the tree on your table !

    greetings from belgium

  25. fun post, great party, thanks so much for the invite, enjoyed all the fab pics

  26. Great party! Love all the decorations, especially the eyeballs in the roses! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my party!

  27. Absolutely spooktacular party!! Love the decorations and the treats!!

  28. Thanks for stopping by my party. Love your table setup. What fun it looks. Maybe I'll have just one pumpkin cookie.

    Great pumpkins you found at the farm. Love those little white ones.

  29. Oh those sparkly pumpkin cookies look delicious! What a great post :)

    This is my first blog-party but I'm having a really fun time so far!

  30. This is sooooo much fun!!!
    Love your blog & your creations.
    Please fly by for my giveaways too...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

  31. Wonderful party I am enjoying your magical feast guests and rooms! Please join us in our Graveyard to honour the dead!

  32. Great pictures of you and your party house! You did a lot of great work for your Samhain feast!! And you have so much fun stuff.

  33. What a lovely party and such yummy eatables!!

    Thank you so much for visiting with me!!!

    Wishing you A Most Happy Blog Party Weekend,


  34. That's it, I think I have to come visit you! First the pumpking picking, and now this wonderful party! Your house looks spectacular Danni, I love everyone one of your photos! Hope you're still having a wonderful day. Happy Halloween!
    Roisin x

  35. Wonderfully Enchanting!!! Love this witchy post!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I wish you a very Happy and Blessed Samhain/Halloween!~

  36. Thank you for having me over to your magical Halloween Party! I had a great time & especially loved the cookies!
    Do stop by when you get a chance!

  37. What a boo'tiful party you hosted! I'll have some spider wine please..mua,ha,haaa! Fangs' for stopping by my blog!

    Sandy xox

  38. Thank you for having me over for those delicious treats! And what great decorations too!

  39. Absolutely magical decor! I LOVE your color scheme and all of your mysterious enchantment!!

    Thank you so much for sharin gin the magic!

    ♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  40. What fun and magic you bring! Thanks for inviting me over and letting me share in your BREW-HAH-HAH!!!! Get it???? I kill myself - whoops! Another Halloween pun!

  41. Meowllo! I hope it was okay but after the long journey over, I was a bit hungry. And so I had a little started with the pumpkin cookies...than the chips (although I passed on the green dip)...than there was the mouse....well you get the picture....and might I compliment you on a party well done!!! Thank you so much for the invite - I certainly enjoyed myself! Can I have a cookie for the road?



  42. had snacks. I enjoyed your party so much. Beautiful decor and beautiful witch. Thanks for the Halloween delight.

  43. Everything is perfect!!! You must have spent sooooooooo much time!
    Everything looks Yummyyyy!!!!

  44. Wicked fun! I am still flying around all your decorations and treats.

    Happy Halloween,

  45. thanks for inviting me to your witches table! had a magical and wicked good time!
    have a magic halloween

  46. Oh I'd love to explore your house, it all looks so magical! Thanks for a fantastic party post :D

  47. How glamourous! So many wicked things to see. Happy Halloween

  48. Thank you for having me over to your delightful Party!

    I love the name of your blog, btw. And that you do it, in a "wide way." I use Stretch Minima to do my pictures in a large way. Although, I'm finding more and more bloggers who don't like really wide pics. -sigh-

    Gentle hugs...

  49. Gorgeous decorations, even the mice! Had so much fun, thank you for inviting me to your party! I hope you'll visit mine!


  50. what a wonderful party!
    I love your creations!

    Hope you'll come visit mine and my post(s) for all of October!

  51. Danni,
    This is awsome! Thanks so much for the pics.

  52. what an awesome table you set! completely wicked!
    I'll just nibble a little, everyone is trying to make me fatter than I am, LOL all this sugary goodness!

    This was a totally haunting party!
    Thank you :)


    come visit:
    pre-party post(Fri.) Party post with giveaway(Sat.) and post-party post (Sun.)

  53. What spooktacular pictures! Thank you for the party!

  54. It took me awhile to get here....what a great party! Thanks for sharing!

  55. gorgeous! i love your decor and your post!

  56. The wicked cider was just that: wickedly tasteful! I wish I had some bottled to bring home. The treats were delcious, such a gracious host. Thank you for inviting me to your hallowed party.