Friday, October 24, 2014

The Goat & The Fawn Halloween Spooktacular

Welcome guys and ghouls to the annual Halloween party hosted by the lovely Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. If you were here for our Mad Tea Party with V over the Summer, than you'll know that our love struck duo The Goat and The Fawn where expecting - our wee one arrived 5 days after the party. :) To celebrate Orion's first Halloween and to give those who are back a sneak peek at our babe, I've got a spooky tale about our trio. Hope you enjoy!

(Confused about who the Goat and the Fawn are? Find Part 1 of their story here and Part 2 here.)

A Kidnapping

For the Kid's first Halloween, the Goat and the Fawn decided to take him Trick-or-Treating in the neighboring village of Boo Hollow. It was a very festive town that took Halloween very seriously; all of the residents dressed up and celebrated the big night. Having never visited for Halloween, the family was very excited.

And so, the Kid was dressed in his finest gnome hat and beard and he and the Fawn set off down the path to the village. The Goat had a few things to finish up at the cottage before joining them for the festivities.

When they arrived in town, the Fawn was awestruck; it was even better than the stories had let on! There was a zombie wedding, mummy lovers entangled on a bench, even a headless horseman chasing boys and girls around the village square!

The two trick-or-treated at the cottages nearest the square, not wanting to wander far so when the Goat arrived he could join them. They ran across all manner of ghouls and goblins, black cats, bats and even a living scarecrow!

So they weren't the least bit put off by a crow landing on a lamp post nearby. Nor were they disturbed when the bird seemed to be murmuring something about a juicy something or other to itself, after all it was Halloween and they'd seen plenty of weird things as well as a plethora of treats littering the pathways.

But as they walked beneath the post where the crow was muttering, the Fawn caught what the juicy object it was interested in was... her son! She tried to flee, but too late! With a whoosh of air, the sting of talons and a flurry of wings she was knocked down and the Kid was snatched!

The Goat, having just arrived in the town square, saw the attack and tried to get to their side in time but was waylaid by a group of small goblins rushing past on their way to the next cottage. When he reached the Fawn he knelt down and checked her for injuries. She stammered at him about the crow saying their child was a juicy morsel as she batted away his helping hands in distress.

The Goat had seen the crow fly off to the East and demanded they give chase.

Rushing up the pathway to the East, they were stopped by a nervous fellow outside of the very last cottage on the edge of a thick, dark wood. He stammered at them that they should stay away from the woods tonight, lest they wish to dance with Death. They hurriedly told the tale of the kidnapping crow and the man's face fell even further in to despair, for the crow was well known as a villain within the village.

The crow was the familiar of the evil witch who dwelled deep within the forest and she often sent him to terrorize the villagers. But each Halloween, his mistress sent him on the most vile of errands... to collect a child for her supper. While the villagers were too scared to confront her, worried that should they try and fail, she'd steal their children out of spite.

The pair were horrified at the fate which lie waiting for their son within the forest, and determined to rescue him and put a stop to the witch's wicked ways. And so they set off, through thickety thorns and tripping ivy, in to the darkness of the woods.

Meanwhile, the crow had delivered the Kid to the witch's cottage. She cackled and thanked her pet before turning to the boy with a look of hunger in her black eyes. Grabbing him around his waist, she retreated in to her cottage.

There she put the boy in to a large cauldron, around which were scattered the bones of previous vile suppers, and proceeded to add all manner of horrible ingredients in to the water with the helpless Kid.

As she was about to hang the cauldron in the fire place, the crow outside let out a strangled squawk. Having seen the feathery devil, the Fawn had hit the wicked bird with a large stick, knocking it cold. The Witch looked up just as the Goat burst through the door and let out a mighty roar. As he and the witch fought, the Fawn retrieved her son from the horrid bath in which he'd been placed and as they reached the cottage's door, the Goat tossed the evil hag in to the fire.

The three of them escaped the woods, the witches shrieks fading away behind them. Having rid the village of the evil within its woods, the trio were named the Heroes of Boo Hollow.

The End

P.S. No witches or crows were actually hurt in this Halloween Merrymaking. WE're actually quite fond of both around here. ;)


  1. Oh my Halloween Goodness, this is a spooktacular tale. I love the photos of the 3 players and I simply adore the "Kid"'s costume. Good job and great play acting by all. How in the world did you get a 3 month old to put up with what you did to him?????? Put him in a hat, put him in a beard and then put him in a cauldron. I can see great pretends in his future with two such creative parents.
    This was wonderful. Thanks.....xoxo Oma Linda

  2. Pheweeee relieved that the Kid was rescued! What wonderful parents the Goat and the Faun are. :-)

    Loved that costume and the picture of Orion in the cauldron was so cute. :-)

    If you get a minute I'd love you to visit my party:

    Hope to see you there.

  3. What a fun romp! Your little Orion is a darling, and I loved all three of you get involved in this tale and photo shoot. Halloween blessings on you three!

  4. Oh this priceless tale must have squels! How fantastic the whole comfy home is over run with FUN! Thank you for
    The joy your skill and lovely cast has brought to all ! xo

  5. Oh that is the cutest gnome on the face of the planet, awesome story.

  6. What a wonderful tale! I am not at all afraid Orion will be traumatised.
    Cutest gnome ever! He seemed to feel quite comfortable with those bones.
    Also want to compliment you on making a spider garland look cute and festive.

  7. Great story and photos! I actually gasped when the Kid was put in the cauldron and cheered when the Goat and Faun rescued their darling baby. Happy Halloween!



  8. You all are FABULOUS!!!! And a baby gnome??!!!! Squeeeeeeal!! I just love your guys!!
    Happy Halloweeeeen <3, Vanessa Thank you for the fun!!

  9. I enjoyed the Halloween tale. Orion is a sweet baby.

  10. How fun and cute!! Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you can stop by our party:

  11. Spooktacular Halloween Tale! Hope you'll fly by my Are You A Good Or Bad Witch? Halloween Party & Be Blessed with powerful Wiccan Wishes... Enchantingly Yours, Lyndy Ward >^..^<

  12. OH MY!!! That was so exciting!!! Orion is just sweet enough to eat though lol :D XXX

  13. Such an exciting adventure! Orion is getting so big. Happy Halloween!!

  14. The little gnom is so it....happy halloween to you all
    Kerstin from germany

  15. Ack!! The gnome!! His cute is too much. I love that you continued your story. Happy Halloween. Blessings! Betsy

  16. Love these pictures! Absolutely lovely party! The fawn and the goat, so sweet!


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