Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer of Color 2014 Week 1

This year, I'm once again participating in Kristen at Twinkle, Twinkle's Summer of Color blog party. If you're curious about the party, you can check out all the info on her post here.

I had picked up a few burlap bunting pieces and ribbon at a great clearance price and was planning to use it to make a hanging for the baby's room right before the challenge began. I've decided to use each week's color prompts to create each panel so I will have a cohesive project rather than random pieces of scattered artwork at the end.

Week One's colors are:

Aqua Blue, Yellow and a splash of Hot Pink.

And here is what I made. I didn't have a "true" aqua in my paint stash and I'm on a self-imposed buying freeze right now so my blue is a little darker. ;)

Our theme for baby's room is "monsters". Not just the Disney variety, but any and all of them, from the Loch Ness variety to the Wildest of Things and beyond. :)


  1. What a great idea to use the challenge to create a project, love your little monster, looking forward to the Loch Ness one ;)

  2. Love what you've done with this weeks colors. Great job.

  3. This is fabulous! I am once again making a project with the colous, it is such fun and makes the challenge last for much longer than the 6 weeks.

  4. great idea for combining the challenges- adorable little monster art!

  5. I think your little monster is absolutely adorable!!! I just love how you are using the color prompts to create art work for your baby's room! Simply amazing!

  6. what an adorable monster - looking forward to the other 5 who will appear over the coming weeks

  7. Aw! That is the cutest monster ever!

  8. Great idea for your baby's room! Very sweet monster.

  9. This is so stinkin' cute, I'm going to pop. And I love your nursery theme! =D
    I can't wait to see all your projects, together!



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