Friday, June 13, 2014

Escaping to the Mountains

Recently, we packed up ourselves and Luna and trekked in to Tennessee for a long weekend in the mountains. I got a great deal on a cabin that we could never have afforded at its regular price which boasted seclusion, woodland views and relaxation.

They weren't kidding! After we drove the 3 hours to the bed and breakfast to check in, we drove another 45 minutes up a steep, narrow mountain road which my tiny car was not a huge fan of and found the gravel road that led to the cabins. The outside looked like it could use a little work, but once we went inside it was beautiful! All wood and rustic and clean.

And as an added bonus, there was this sexy soaking tub.

Our first evening there, poor Joe was sick. Fever, sweats, chills, horrible cough. I kept feeding him tea and water while he and Luna snoozed away in the bed. We opted for a cabin without cable, so I found a station on the radio that I liked and took the opportunity to play some Solitaire, listen to my hypnobirthing tracks for the day and do some sketches.

The following day, he still wasn't feeling too hot, so we spent the majority of the day chilling out on the deck in a pair of rocking chairs. On the side of the cabin there was a dead cedar tree, and since my husband is the perpetual boy scout (really, he is.) he took his hand saw out and cut off some of the lower limbs and branches to whittle away at and bring home for bigger projects. Sometime in the late afternoon, I gave the sexy tub and its jets a thorough cleaning and after dinner we had ourselves a nice long (ridiculously long) soak. During which, peering Luna eyes were consistently seen over the edge.

This is why we can't have nice pictures. One of us is always a goof.

The next two days followed a similar pattern. We attempted to find the hiking path to the river and swimming hole that we were told about at check-in, but the only path we found was loaded with poison ivy which we're both highly allergic to. Also, as we were being swarmed by angry mosquitoes and it was a bit hot for this baby bump and I, we eventually gave up and went back to the cabin. We had better luck the next day when we hiked up to a little woodland cemetery. It's extremely well maintained for being as far up a mountain and tucked away as it is and there were a few neat grave stones, including this one that belongs to a confederate soldier.

This was what I suppose people would call our "babymoon" or last romantic getaway before baby comes. It was a well needed break from life, technology and everything else and it was wonderful to be able to truly relax. We didn't leave the mountain, didn't travel in to town. Just wiled away the hours sitting side by side working on small projects, soaking in the tub and just being together.

This was the view as we were taking a "parkway" through the mountains back home. Our little cabin is on one of those mountains, somewhere.


  1. Oh what a lovely getaway, or babymoon for the happy parents to be. So glad you were able to get away, unplug and enjoy someplace rustic and beautiful. I imagine it did both of you good. Hopefully the energy gained will be there when you need it. Love the view of the surrounding area. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. Beautiful! A wonderful, relaxing getaway. The cabin was charming, with a to-die-for tub! :0) And the woods and cemetery just completed the package!

  3. Wow, Danni. What a beautiful getaway the three of you had. It so closely mirrors a portion of my own it's eerie. Sometimes Nature just knows when to call Her own back Home for a spell.

  4. So beautiful! I'm glad you three were able to take one last mini-vacation before the baby arrives. ^_^
    That tub is just too fabulous... XD
    The road to the cabins sounds like the road my family and I drove up when we met up with some friends in TN for Christmas one year... I'm still not sure how our car made it up the mountain with how steep it was and all the snow... @_@
    I think that a mountain visit in the summer sounds like a much, MUCH, better idea. ^_^


  5. Sooo jealous, that scenery is stunning!


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