Monday, June 16, 2014


I'm joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots and several other lovely bloggers in honoring the things for which we've been grateful for throughout the week. A quiet, weekly practice of appreciation and positivity. A time to breath and reflect. A small step towards a more simplistic and appreciative outlook.

If you would like to join us, just click the image at the bottom of this post.

This Week I am Grateful For:

* Evenings outside in the adirondack chairs Joe made us, watching the fireflies and bats and listening to the bird song fade in to and be replaced by frog and crickets song. It's become almost a nightly ritual, one that helps me relax and unwind and fills my heart with delight and magic.
* Finishing a large WIP painting I started weeks ago. She did NOT go the way I expected her to, so it was surprising and challenging, but I'm very happy with the finished piece.

* Joe continuing to take such good care of me during this final, and most uncomfortable, stretch of my pregnancy. My everything aches, my hormones are at an all time high, sleep is a thing of the past, and the "OMG!" panic of the uninitiated parent has begun to set in for me. And through all the crying jags, doubts, limping, morning crankiness and upset stomachs, he's there to rub my back and belly, run me a bath, make me soup, pick up the house and reassure me. I know this has been on my list almost every week, but it is really and honestly the thing for which I've been most grateful these past months. This being pregnant thing has sucked for me and if it weren't for Joe and his unwavering support and love, I don't know how I'd have managed any of this.

* The Mothering Moon ceremony I held under the full moon Friday night in circle with sisters, friends, fairy omas and witchy women from around the world. I performed a ceremony to bless my upcoming birth with health, comfort and ease. Called upon Mother Moon to give me energy, strength and guidance and then after all was done, sat on my bed in the candlelight and strung beads from all of those aforementioned beloved women together to make a necklace to wear or hold like prayer beads when baby is ready to come. I'll post more about this in another post.

* Luna's first post-op appointment went well. Her wound is healing well and the surgeon said the knee is feeling good so far. She is still on heavy restrictions, but we can now add in 3-5 5-10 minute walks on leash in the yard a day to her potty breaks. She goes back for her next re-check a mere week and a half before baby is due.
* Made a trek to the farmer's market Downtown early Saturday morning before the heat got too bad. We walked around for over an hour, looking at all the different vendor stalls and sipping some locally roasted iced coffee. I picked up a beautiful and delicious quart of fresh blackberries that I've been putting in my oatmeal and yogurt as well as some big healthy herb plants; an anise hyssop, a lavender, a chocolate mint and a perennial chamomile. I've never had luck with my lavender growing, though every year I try and try again, so hopefully bringing home such a big, healthy specimen will get me started on the right foot.
* Mini magics spotted around the house. There were trios of these teeny tiny mushrooms in the backyard, which I always find to be extra magic as they only appear on damp nights and disappear shortly after the sun touches them and there was also a cheeky little frog prince hanging out by the front door last night.

To join in Gratitude Sunday, click on the image below! Happy Week, lovelies.

Gratitude Sunday


  1. I wish you comfort and rest until the baby arrives!

  2. It is a delight to read of your gratitudes. Joe has earned himself stars on his chart for sure. What a goodie he is but then he loves you so much it is sure that he would do anything in the world and beyond for you. Kiss that sweet man for me. This Oma is very proud and pleased for both of you in this last stretch til baby comes.It will seem to drag and then zoom, the acorn will be here and you will push to the back of your mind anything except the joy of being a mom. So glad Ms. Luna is progressing nicely after her surgery.
    The Cuckoos (G n me) include you and Joe in our meditations every morning and light the joy candle for your family. With tons of xxxxx and oooooo's Oma Linda

  3. Brightest blessings and much comfort to you Danni. <3


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