Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

It's no secret that snow here in South Carolina is pretty rate, I've been lucky to see an inch or two of the white stuff each Winter since we moved here four years ago. It's also no big secret that they are totally unprepared for when the stuff falls - an inch is enough to shut down town for at least a day.

So this week, when we got around 7 inches of snow, everything was closed for 3 days (I was lucky and got 4 off). So we spent a lot of time home, enjoying the white stuff from the comfort of our fire warmed home instead of white knuckled behind the wheel of a car. If there's one giant perk to having moved here from New Jersey it's that I no longer have bosses who say "I don't give a shit that there's two feet of snow and it's still falling.. get your ass to work or you're fired."

So now, for the first time in forever, I actually appreciated this little bit of Winter. It was too fluffy for snowmen, so we chased Luna around in it, caught flakes on our tongues and I took photos instead. :) These were taken towards evening, so are a little grey. Ah well.

Luna loves our neighbor, Hank the horse. She runs over to his fence and if he's outside he'll come over and touch noses with her through the fence - or over it, if one of us lifts her up.

And today, in the manner of the crazy Southern weather, it's in the 60's and the snow is all gone. Go figure. ;)


  1. It has been a crazy winter weather wise all around :)

    Happy Valentine's!

  2. Welcome to the South! We had about 7 inches here and I loved it. We still have it everywhere but the roads are mostly clear now. Glad you are able to stay safe and enjoy it!

  3. I love Luna in her jacket....I also like that she has an equine friend. Looks like a perfect snow day with you man and dog. We were 70 and clear today. Peach tree, tulip tree and some of the shrubs have buds ready to burst. Now watch.....back into winter we'll go in a couple of weeks. Oh well. We'll have fun while we can. Oma Linda


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