Sunday, February 16, 2014


I'm joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots and several other lovely bloggers in honoring the things for which we've been grateful for throughout the week. A quiet, weekly practice of appreciation and positivity. A time to breath and reflect. A small step towards a more simplistic and appreciative outlook.

If you would like to join us, just click the image at the bottom of this post.

This Week I am Grateful For:

* Snow days. It doesn't happen frequently down here, so when it DOES snow it's a pretty big deal. It kept us from going to the art museum as I had wanted to do, but we get to spend extra time together and didn't have to drive in the slush or ice.
* Making up for the lack of art museum trip by doing other things on our planned day off together. Joe made me latkes for breakfast, we brewed our first batch of beer, took Luna out to play in the snow, painted miniatures and cuddled up on the couch in front of the fire and watched Doctor Who.

* All the birdies flocking to my recently refilled bird feeders. I've spotted at least a dozen unique species out there and have been taking photos through my windows like the bird paparazzi! I haven't gotten photos of all of them, but quite a few.
* The hawk all those wee song birds brought to my patio yesterday morning! It was about 2 feet from my glass back door - a massive, beautiful bird. I didn't get a photo of it, because when I moved it flew in to one of our trees and as my camera focused on it perched in the branches... it flew off! Cheeky bugger.
* Spending Valentine's night at home with a delicious home cooked meal, sipping my water out of a wine glass (because it's fancy!) and curling up on the couch to watch Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail by candlelight. Hey, you have your idea of romantic and we have ours. ;)
* The super thoughtful Valentine's gifts from the hubster! He brought me a bouquet of my favorite flowers and tucked my favorite paintbrushes in to the bouquet - making it truly clever and unique! He also brought me chocolates and a wonderful little bee figure to place on my mantle. That man knows me so well.

* Getting a bunch of the closets cleaned out and rearranged. Moved all the baby stuff we've accumulated so far (not very much, really) in to the future nursery/kiddo's closet. I've gotten a color scheme in mind and will be starting to paint as soon as my studio is squared away and I can get the rest of my stuff moved out of the current spare room and in to my space. Also have some sewing projects planned for our Monster Nursery. :)
* Making plans with my two best girlfriends to come down from New Jersey and stay with me for a week next month!! I'm so excited to have one last ladies vacation before I have this little rugrat. I see lots of sitting outside in my yard or at the park sipping drinks and bullshitting in my future and I CAN NOT wait!

To join in Gratitude Sunday, click on the image below! Happy Week, lovelies.

Gratitude Sunday


  1. Love the presents :). I also love to watch that Monty Python film it is soooo funny!

  2. A lovely list. All that snow looks like fun :-)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your list! Your idea of romance sounds just like mine (it's the little things, right?)

    Have a lovely week xx


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