Thursday, January 30, 2014

Painting the Feminine - Let Go

The Feminine constantly asks us to let go... in both little and big ways. It asks us to let go of perceptions, notions, stories, fear, relationships, comfort, jobs... and to simply trust.

For this prompt we "let go" in a smaller way, by painting with our non-dominant hands. For me this is my lefty.

The painting started with big bold shapes and strokes of color, easy to get the feel of with lefty. At first, I was squeezing paints in to the palette, washing brushes and handing them to my left hand with my right hand and all I was focused on was how uncomfortable I was. My shoulder felt jacked up, my wrist was uncomfortable.. my body was at a weird angle. I was fighting letting go by trying to paint with my left hand while everything on the table was still set up for the ease of use of my right hand! Duh, lightbulb! No wonder I was achy!

As I shifted position, I felt my inner comfort level shift and the painting followed suit. Finer lines appeared and shapes made themselves known and were more clearly defined. The finished piece calls to me with a LOT of energy, as if telling me to no longer cut off the parts of me that I view as lesser (my left hand, my achy knees, (as I'll shamefacedly admit) my inner lady bits which I've viewed for so long as a curse) and to recognize that all of my parts are enough. That by cutting off or viewing any of them as lesser, I'm only lessening myself.


  1. I've been wanting to let you know that I've really been enjoying your painting and the journey your taking!! It's incredibly fascinating and I've always loved your paintings!!!!!

    I found this one interesting because you say it's telling you to no longer cut off your parts like your lady bits. To me this painting spoke of birth - the spiral (above the more defined bits then usual) is a child in the womb that branches off to veins of a heart (interestingly in red) after birth and surviving on it's own but still connected to the body/mother.

    Just my humble thoughts =)

    1. LOVE your thoughts! Thank you for sharing them. :)


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