Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Painting the Feminine - Full Moon

The women I'm blessed to be taking this painting journey alongside and I all painted beneath the Full Wolf Moon the other night, with no prompt or theme, just to go to our journals and let our intuition guide us while the great mother's swollen form filled the sky with her light.

I worked entirely in oil pastels, with unusually, no music playing. First purple, then greens, in swooshes and scribbles and then figures in olive green outlines... women three; joining together beneath the moon near this ethereal purple tree. I was just tickled by this trio of women, with their very unique shapes, expressions and attitudes... it felt like uniting with a trio of wonderful aunties or fairy godmothers.

What I find interesting, is through sharing our works in the painting group, I'm not the only one who drew three cloaked women beneath the full moon. Even more interesting, another woman on this journey put her trio in similarly colored robes and also lives on the East Coast. Part of me wonders if we painted in tandum, being moved by the same call without ever realizing it.

Just another part of the magical and mysterious cycles of the Feminine and the Moon, I suppose.

I rather liked working on something beneath the moon and may incorporate this in to every month's observance and celebration of her, alongside the candles, whispered thanks and prayers and pulling of oracle cards.

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