Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome October & A Bucket List

It's the most wonderful month of the year! Time for pumpkins and crunchy leaves, for skeletons and witches a'plenty! Time for me to stock up on decor items for all year. ;-) What? I'm a little Hallowe'en centric, cut a girl some slack. I'll be in the land of Eternal Summer for a week celebrating my anniversary, not that I'm even remotely complaining mind you, but there's plenty of time in Autumn to play and enjoy all of the sights, sounds and smells.

That said, I've made a bucket list for Autumn!

* Visit the pumpkin patch
* Find our way through a corn maze
* Bust out some Hallowe'en craftiness
* Visit the Carolina Renaissance Festival
* Star gaze in the hammock
* Collect pretty leaves
* Drink warm apple cider
* Wear my fingerless gloves
* Go on a hike
* Roast Pumpkin Seeds
* Have a Bonfire
* Go on a Ghost Tour
* Throw my annual Hallowe'en Party
* Try a few different pumpkin beers

What will you be up to this October?


  1. doing some of the same things listed on your October Bucket list but I will include celebrating SM birthday and having a few days with the grands to do a photo shot for some of the October blog events. I love October as well but I always fee like it's like a fast moving locomotive hauling down the tracks, faster every year.

    1. I feel the same. It seems to get shorter and shorter. I'm just going to have to start commandeering parts of September and November too!

  2. Love your bucket list. I can say I will most likely attempt some of the same things. And it is so true that October flies by faster than a witch with a fiery broom. Enjoy each moment. Can't wait to hear about your Jamaican experience!

  3. I am SO ready for roasted pumpkin seeds! I'm eyeing the small pie pumpkin I bought. I was going to leave it out for a decoration and deal with it after October, but it might not last that long. *evil laugh* I'm also hoping our local haunted corn maze stays dry this year. I went two years ago and loved it, but missed out last year because of the torrential rain. Happy October!

  4. What a yummy list. I wish I could join you at the festival. I guess I will have to be happy with New York Comic Con ;-)


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