Monday, September 30, 2013


throughout the week. A quiet, weekly practice of appreciation and positivity. A time to breath and reflect. A small step towards a more simplistic and appreciative outlook.

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This Week I am Grateful For:

* Time spent with fire and friends.
* A flexible work schedule that allows me to duck out early or come in late if I need to do so.
* Beautiful Autumn weather.
* Surprise gifts from friends; I have no idea how one of my friends knew I haven't been sleeping well at all, but she sent home a lavender herbal sachet with Joe (they work together) the other day and told him to have me hang it over the bed to help me get rested up.
* Packing for Jamaica! Only 4 days left until we fly away. It still feels like a dream; shopping and packing are helping make it more real. Bought a fancy new white floppy hat and some adorable sandals (with matching sundress!) to wear.

* Kitty kisses and snuggles.
* Freshly washed cars.
* Purging out the yucky junk and getting on the road to healing. The love and words of support and understanding from women that I truly adore and admire.
* Getting back in to the crafty zone. I broke out the scrapbook and have been cranking out layouts like a fiend after a 2+ year break from working on it.

* Having a certain sexy gentleman offer to take me out for a slice of NY style pizza and a homemade cannoli after my feet were swarmed and bitten by ants while sweeping the patio. Yup, he's a keeper!

* The amount of support and offers to help with any and everything we've been trying to do to help my sister-in-law fund her lung transplant. (Which you can read about in a post I wrote here in case you missed it.) People I haven't spoken to since High School have stepped up and offered to donate prizes and time for the fundraiser- raffle that's being put together in New Jersey for her, as have a few of my online artist friends and co-workers. I've been blown away and close to tears over all of the kindness and selflessness... it's a bit overwhelming, in a good way. I appreciate everyone's help and love more than you can even imagine.

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Gratitude Sunday

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  1. Beautiful post! Love the sandals and hat! Have a spectacular, sexy time in Jamaica, mon!
    Such great news about the fundraising for your sister!!! Brightest Blessings!
    EeeK...attacked by ants...that is really nasty!!! Hope all is well!


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