Thursday, August 22, 2013

Release on the Corn Moon

Cloudy and breezy, the moon was hidden from sight, though her light shone bright enough to continue to illuminate the darkness. Wispy clouds shining silver across the deep blue sky, occasional stars twinkling.

Inside, the scent of incense floated on gently winds, blowing in through the open windows. Roses wafted about on the breeze, candles on several altars burning down. So much work to do on this full moon, though many feel the moon isn't a good time for work and simply time to thank and observe.

I disagree. As a follower of the sun and moon, I feel that working in tune with their ebb and flow, their energies, is as essential to magic as the simple belief that it does, indeed, exist. To deny the power of the moon's swollen form, of her insistence on inspiring restlessness and excess energy in me, is to insult rather than thank her. But, to each their own... I don't walk another's path and can only speak for myself.

Cleansing the altar space, tools, stones and amulets; using the moon's light, fire, smoke and water collected at the edge of my favorite spot on the sea. Casting wishes and prayers for others up to the heavens on sparks. So many people that I care for needing so much right now, but only so much energy that I can expend at one time; even with the help of the powerful moon. Offerings to the Great Mother and the Fae; wine and milk and honey.

I deviate from my usual three card pull this moon time, pulling just one from the Heart of Faerie to inform and guide me for the next month. Not at all surprised to see this cheeky Trickster's face, I know I've once again been spreading myself too thin. Too many projects, too many things on an over-bearing, self imposed to-do list; I find myself frequently worrying about 'doing this', 'seeing to that', 'worrying about so-and-so', 'helping them out'... not doing or being enough. Juggling too many things... and the balls are about to drop. My energies are being depleted on things that I shouldn't give so much care too, they're sucking up my joy.

His timing is impeccable. As I think back on last Autumn and the apathy that pervaded my personality then. Caused by burnout and stress.

A Trickster this fae may be, but clearer sight was his gift to me.

Acknowledged to Momma Moon and her ability to help release things, with a tinkling bell, a candle and some ale... I'm tossing out that smothering to-do list.

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  1. I understand completely your honoring the ebb and flow of The Moon as well as the Energies of The Sun. I notice that in certain times of my life, different phases of the moon effect me differently than other times (am I making any fucking sense?). Right now, the Full Moon makes me CRAZY. Like I want to jump out of my skin CRAZY. I can't sit still long enough to even light a candle or pull a card. The Dark Moon, now she's my love right now. She hugs me, helps me to release all of the bullshit in my life right now and then opens her arms to my hopes and dreams that I'd like to replace the gook and garbage. It is in her darkness that I find peace and love. Who knows, maybe next Full Moon I won't feel like spinning in a tornado ; )


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