Monday, August 12, 2013

Laundry Room Renovation

Now, when I say 'Laundry Room', I'm exaggerating slightly. You see, our space is really a laundry closet, but who calls it that? Regardless of what it's called and my dislike of doing the laundry aside, this space was pretty awful. Don't believe me? Let me show you!

See? Awful. Dingy white paint and one crummy wire shelf that was too narrow to store much on. As you can see, when storage space ran out, the washer and dryer tops became fair game. As someone who already isn't laundry's biggest fan, doing it in this space is just.. ugh. So I started saving pennies and planning how I'd like to re-do the space.

Knocking down walls to make it bigger wasn't an option, so I needed to work within the space I had. I decided on two sturdier, wider shelves, a bright color scheme and spacing the washer and dryer apart so I could fit a wastebasket for lint in there. It took 8 hours and cost me around $40 for the high quality shelving lumber, painter's tape, brackets and 4 sample sizes of paint for the walls. I could have gotten away with cheaper lumber, but decided that quality was important to me, so it won't bow as easily over the years.

Here are some process shots!

And for the big reveal! Behold, the fruit of our labor!

A stylish new space for me to do one of my least favorite chores! Joe is going to install an overhead light in there in the near future so it's brighter and easier to see things and maybe a small fold-down shelf on one of the side walls to fold laundry on. But for now, this space is the coolest space in my entire house.

Except maybe the bar. ;)


  1. I don't think you are exaggerating at all. It looks like a laundry room to me. I would pay gold for a washer and drier in our apartment. Going down to the 7th floor isn't lovely; believe you me.

    I LOVE the yellow stripes!

  2. Love our choice of colors. So vibrant!!!

  3. It looks so good! You guys are amazingly creative!

  4. OMG! That is freaking fabulous. LOVE the colour scheme. It beats the hell out of the wasp infested semi-outdoor space that my washer shares with the generator, propane tanks, and hot water heater. You are so creative, Danni.

  5. Marvelous! Great job! You took a very ordinary area and created a personal space worthy of any DIY show. :0)

  6. Wow, that did make a bright change, looks great.


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