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Holistic Mornings: A Guest Post by Jessikat

Today I'm letting my friend Jessica, who not only writes beautifully on her blog at Jessikat but is also striving to help women with childbirth, social issues and living a fulfilling life, borrow my blog to talk about a new project she's put together called "Holistic Mornings". Some of you will recognize the art she's using for her banner, as I created it specifically for her project.

And now, enough rambling from me, here's what Jessica has to say about "Holistic Mornings". I hope you'll check it out, visit her site and sign up if it sings to you!

Holistic Mornings

How to nourish your body, mind and spirit for a perfect start to a more productive day.

You're frantically rushing around, trying to get out the door so you won't be late for work, or dropping your kids off at school, or meeting with a potential client. You didn't eat breakfast this morning, and your stomach is a wreck. You haven't stretched in who knows how long, and you're starting to feel it all over your body. You know you have spiritual beliefs, but you can't remember the last time you were able to put them into practice routinely. You have a general sense of dis-ease in your mind, your body, and your soul.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Do you remember the last time you were able to devote time to your holistic health, as opposed to just addressing whatever symptom pops up? Are your mornings spent peacefully, with a sense of purpose and spiritual direction? Do you incorporate the powerful practice of ritual in your daily life?

When we are intentional about our time, we can accomplish a lot more in a day. We can be happier and healthier when we nurture all the aspects of our life. When we wake earlier and dedicate time to a holistic morning routine before we have to give ourselves to our other priorities, we are setting ourselves up for happiness, productivity and fulfillment.

The Holistic Mornings Challenge was developed with this concept in mind. It is six weeks of guidance in adopting the self-loving habit of developing and following a holistic morning routine. How is this challenge going to help you?

What: Holistic Mornings is a challenge that will address each of the aspects of your holistic health, and help you to start your day off on the right foot by doing so. Can you imagine how much better you would feel, how much healthier and happier, if you gave yourself some time every morning to focus on your whole health? Every morning I will have a post up with some inspiration and guidance for starting your day. Some days we will focus on individual aspects of your health, and others we’ll have a wider gaze. There will be activities, meditations, journal prompts, tips and suggestions for exercises. This challenge is Spirit-focused, so we will talk about energy, herbs, stones, elements, divination, manifesting abundance, creating miracles, and, most excitingly, real magic. There are two challenges per season. We will focus on the season we are in because the cycles of the seasons reflect the cycles we go through in life. When we take the time to consciously go through each cycle, we can grow in ways we never imagined possible.

Who: This challenge is open to all women who are open-minded, loving, and excited about starting their day off on the right foot. Women of all ages are invited to join us. We need to create communities in which our maidens, mothers and crones are meeting in a spirit of sharing knowledge and helping each other to grow. Women of all spiritual backgrounds are welcome to join, but having an open mind about things you might not be familiar with is an absolute must.

Where: This challenge is being hosted within the Moon Rhythms community. Every morning, you will wake to a new email. Everyone in the challenge will also be invited to join the Facebook community, where we will meet virtually to support each other and share our progress. There will also be a central, password-protected page where you will have access to information about the challenge and resources created just for you.

When: Registration for the first Autumn session closes on Monday, September 16. You can register for the first Autumn session, the second, or both. The official start of the first Autumn challenge is Monday, September 23. It will run until Saturday, November 2.

Registration for the second Autumn session ends November 4. The second session begins on Monday, November 11 and will run until Saturday, December 21. Each session is six weeks long.

How: To participate in this challenge, all you have to do is register for one of the sessions, or both. If you are a Moon Rhythms member, registration is $40 per participant. Seriously, $40 for 6 weeks of awesomeness. If you register for both sessions, it’s only $75. If you aren’t a part of Moon Rhythms, registration is $55 per session, or $105 for both. Access to Moon Rhythms for a year is $15 (so you are really better off joining Moon Rhythms first!)

I don’t want finances to hold you back from making a serious life change. I am willing to work something out in trade for those lovely ladies who are in a financial position that would not allow them to participate in this challenge otherwise. When you register, you are making a commitment to yourself and all the women in this community that you will do your best to work toward your goals and offer support and encouragement to the other participants. You will do your best to check in daily and update us on your progress. Nobody expects perfection; openness, honesty and willingness are the only requirements.

Why: The Holistic Mornings Challenge will help you to start your days off on the right foot. Can I guarantee that you’ll never have another bad day? Absolutely not. But I do promise that the tools I show you will make so many more of your days pleasant and fulfilling. If you’re still questioning whether or not this challenge is for you, I encourage you to check my blog for another week or two. I will be running a few mini-series to gear us up for Holistic Mornings. If you’re not totally convinced, you can get a taste of what’s to come.

To visit the Jessikat blog:
To visit the Holistic Mornings Hub Page, with link gearing up to the series:
To visit Moon Rhythms on the Moondaughter Site:

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  1. Gah, it's like you picked this right out of my brain... o_O

    This sounds like me to a "T", which makes me cringe, yet feel a bit better that I'm not the only one whose day starts out like this... ^-^

    This sounds like something fabulous, and I hope I'll be able to join in! =D



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