Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Summer of Color: Citron Green and Turquoise

For last year's Summer of Color art-party I went ahead and made random pieces of art using the color themes each week. And while I really enjoyed the process of working with an ice cream inspired palette (and maybe did a bit of 'research' along the way!) I'll admit that I was a little jealous of folks who had a collection of art that all went together at the end: buntings, books, etc.

In that spirit, I was wracking my brain right up through the middle of the first week as to what I'd like to create and collect in to a cohesive project at the end of the party. On Wednesday night, as I looked at my tubes of Citron Green and Turquoise paint I decided I wanted to paint an image of the earth with them. They'd be perfect colors! Then I had to think about materials. What to use? Oh! I've got a big stash of leftover white linen fabric from a project several years ago. That could be fun to paint on. But, what would I collect my pieces of fabric in to at the end? A pennant? Sew them together in to a quilt or a flag?

Flag? Prayer flags! Yes!

I've been wanting to make some of these magical flags to adorn my yard since we moved in to the house, but I always sweated the process of how to go about making them. Even after reading about them and researching them, I was still having a hard time bringing myself to just do it. Well, no time like a party to give something a try!

So I sat down with my paints, my big hunk of fabric and my brushes. And as I painted, I held my prayer in my mind. I kept the imagery simple, as I think it conveys my hopes well without anything to distract from it. :)

Each week I'm going to use the colors we're working with as a jumping off point for inspiration for a prayer to paint on my flags. While this could prove to be a bit of a challenge, I'm looking forward to it all the same!

It's not too late to join in the fun, come party with us!


  1. what an inspiring project - looking forward to see the image you choose each week - and you will have such a personal set of prayer flags

  2. Wonderful idea of making prayer flags :). I have yet to try this, but from the sound of it, it has to be as fun as it is gratifying :). LOVE your first, Mother Earth flag :).

  3. Oh so amazing!!!! I love this inspirational and beautiful project - so much!!!!!

  4. Ohhh, what a wonderful idea! I really love the idea of seeing these come together each week and know that the end result will be beautiful. Your first piece is gorgeous with it's bold blocks of color and thoughtful imagery, I just love it, xoxo

  5. a fabulous project and I look forward to following it through out your summer... it will brighten my winter down here in Australia....xx


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