Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Of Snow and Snakes: Dreaming

I walk through the forest, searching though I'm unsure what I seek.
Mud squishes under my feet. Roughshod trails of dirt, grass and rocks torn out by wheels long ago, being reclaimed by the Mother.
Luna's ears perk up as we hear the sounds of voices in the distance.
Her leash appears in my hand, harnessed, she leads me further in to the forest.
Thunder claps, darkness descends.
I stumble and she runs to my side, licking my hand as it grasps a log on the ground.
The log isn't a log, but a large brown and black snake.
It strikes her once. Twice.
Crying out, I try to grab it, it strikes my hand.
She isn't moving.
Unearthly screams escape me as I tear the snake in two with my bare hands.
Covered in blood, mud and bone I clutch her small body to my chest and sprint deeper in to the woods.
I know someone there can help.
My shoes have gone missing.
My feet are cut, bloody and sore.
I reach a campsite, Joe is there.
I hand him Luna before I collapse.
Awakened by a stranger putting a red gauzy pad over my snake bite.
Telling me I will be ok.
I look for Joe, Look for Luna.
Everything is dark. It's raining.
I'm being comforted.

I wake up.

It's snowing.
Barbed wire fence running around me.
A truck pulls up.
Gray, noisy in this silent place.
Everything is gray.
My clothing. The sky.
Save the glistening white snow.
A figure comes from the passenger side of the truck to me.
Face unclear, larger, taller than me though.
I feel comfortable with whoever this person is.
Warm, safe. A friend.
Gray Hoodie.
We walk the fence line.
Talking, though I can't recall the voice or the words.
We stop and the truck barrels up to us.
Someone inside yells to my companion to leave.
To forget and to leave.
My shoes are gone (again)
Feet hurt from the cold.
It's so cold.
The wind has picked up.
I cling to my companion.
Warm sleeve against frigid face.
I notice the snow around my feet melting.
Big dark blue puddle leading to mud below.
Tracks behind look huge,
Bright blue and vivid against the white snow.
My Companion has crossed the barbed wire and I cannot follow.
Gray hoodie fades in to gray sky.
The wind and snow has tangled my hair around my neck.
So tight.

I wake up.

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  1. I love interpreting dreams but I am often way off. ahaha! It's fun for me anyway so this is probably all bullshit. Sounds like because in the end of the day in your dreams, through all the weirdo and scary that you end up calm and comforted your mind is telling you that is inside you. The calm amongst the chaos.

    We all have it, but man is that shit hard to find.


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