Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Index Card a Day: Week Two

Well, I managed to miss a day last week with all the other projects that I have floating around my studio space but I'm OK with it. At first I thought about making an extra card so I'd have 17 cards today instead of 16, but I feel like that's cheating a bit. So, I'll carry on and if I miss more cards, then I miss more cards.

I'll be travelling for a week starting tomorrow, so my materials for the next few cards will be limited since I don't want to lug around 10 lbs of art supplies. Not sure what I'll be packing yet, but it will be interesting having just a few supplies to work with.

Cards 10-16:

This one I smooshed some acrylic paint around on the card. I was going to leave it 'as is' but in the shapes of color I saw, what seemed to me, to be a friendly sea monster. So he was given an outline to make him a little more prominent.

Acrylic paint and silver paint pen. Theme: Favorite Things.

Smooshed acrylic over some oil pastel squiggles. No theme, just experimenting.

Up, Up and Away! We spent the day at Carowinds, which had a bit of influence on today's card. This one is done in permanent markers.

Just some doodles. Permanent Marker and India Ink.

Quick acrylic sunrise, nothing fancy. I was up earlier than I prefer to be. ;)

Mixed Media; smooshed acrylics over crayon swirls with a mini playing card secured with more paint. Finished with India Ink that was poured and blown on.

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