Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Index Card a Day: Week One

I'm joining Tammy at Daisy Yellow and a plethora of other bloggers, artists and instagrammers for her annual Index Card a Day Event. The long and short of it is, essentially, to create art each day using only an index card and the supplies of your choice. She gives themes and prompts that you are welcome to use, but there are no hard and fast rules.

For more information, please click the image on my sidebar to visit her and sign up!

When I decided to do this challenge, I told myself I'd try my best to do a daily card and that if I missed one, I would be gentle with myself. No beating myself up or getting frustrated because sometimes, you're just going to forget to do something. I also said I'd take a gander at the themes each week and use them if I was stuck or if they really spoke to me. Trust me, there are going to be days that the blank card stares me down and I can't force my hand to start - even at random. I'm embracing that now so that when it happens, I'm not surprised.

That all said, I didn't miss a single day in the first week! As a reward, I've got a lovely stack of random cards piling up. Here they are:

Micron Pen and the first day's theme of "Zebra".

Acrylic Paint, No theme. Just playing with color and line.

Watercolor and Micron Pen. I splashed a bunch of watercolor on the card and let it run and pool, originally intending to leave it like that. Once it dried though and I saw the shape of an elephant and a unicorn, I had to outline them!

Oil Pastel.

Oil Pastel.

Micron Pen. Theme: Paisley.

Oil Pastel.

And two more from the weekend...

Watercolor and salt, with a hint of oil pastel. For the New Moon.

Oil Pastel. Inspired by the week of thunderstorms.

P.S. These are all photos taken with my iPhone, not scans. Hence the graininess and sort of muted colors.

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  1. Danni these are wonderful! All on index cards! Love them all!


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