Monday, October 1, 2012

October Wishes

Via riptheskull on Flickr

May many a jack-o-lantern light the night and may the coming days be crisp and light.
May the crunch of fallen leaves resound and may the longer nights be a safe haven for introspection.
May the crows caw and the siren's song play a rhythm so irresistible as to cause the dead to dance.
May your traditions bring joy and mirth and give needed rest to the loving Earth.
May your fires rekindle my inner flame, that I may be renewed and feel like myself again.

My wishes for you, dear October. May they come to fruition.

and... maybe you can also kill off those pesky mosquitoes, so I can go outside without being eaten alive.


  1. so mote it be.............even the skeeters. Oma Linda

  2. May it be so! Beautiful wishes, all. Especially the one where all the mosquitoes go away! Wishing you a bite-free October!

  3. Enjoy! Sorry about the skeeters. They really do suck in the South.

  4. Happy October to you!! A lovely poem to usher in a glorious month! May the month be good to you! ♥

  5. Blessed be, my lovely Danni.


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