Sunday, September 30, 2012

Race for the Cure

Yesterday morning, I woke up before the sun to go downtown and do the Susan Komen Race for the Cure. Now, I'm not a runner or a morning person but this was something I felt I needed to do. It took me nearly a month to manage to get the day off from work but I argued that it was for a good cause and eventually won the day.

This was my first ever 5k, so I didn't know what to expect. I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people there and by the emotions all around me. I choked back tears nearly a dozen times as I listened to folks talk before the horn blew and the race started. But once it did, those pesky tears dried right up!

just a small portion of the crowd.

And in impressive fashion (at least to me, as someone who never runs) I ran about 1/3 of the race and power walked the rest. My best mile time was 12:40 and my slowest was 16 and a few seconds. Not too shabby!

crossing the finish line!

As I rounded the corner at the end, I saw a certain bearded fellow grinning at me from across the finish line and booked it for that last 200 feet. The feeling I got from actually doing this and then finishing it was amazing - I'm so proud of myself! It's a little weird, with my legs being as sore as they are today and my shins saying 'ouch!' but I could see this running thing maybe becoming a hobby. :-)


  1. Congragulations. I want to do one too, but i am trying to get into shape first. I can't run.. at all! I am really bad at this!
    Blessed be!

  2. Congrats and more power to you, Danni! You should be so proud of yourself, and for helping the cause.

  3. Wow Danni, I have walked it, but I never even attempted to run it. Get it girl. I am impressed, and inspired. And greekwitch, you can absolutely walk it, so don't be afraid of it. Congrats again, Danni. You rock!!

  4. Yay! for the run. It always feels great to run for a cause you believe important, even it is just the cause of fitting in some really nice jeans (I'm just saying). I haven't raced in a few months... I might have to start running for something other than strong legs.

    P.S. Um, I was staring at the ribbon on your left boob. I know, I know, I'm horribly wicked ;-)

  5. Congrats! and great job! I haven't run for a long time, I think I would probably get sores and aches if I were to start running. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  6. Brilliant! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I took up running a few months ago (I'm in training for next year's London Marathon!!!)and I couldn't have run for a bus at the time but now I'm loving it. I've lost weight and my health has improved no end :)

  7. Yayyy Danni! I'm so proud of you for running for such a worthy cause. You look great and I love your smile...You run for all of us!

  8. You are full of the awesome girl! What a loving man you have waiting there for you. I would have run to his bearded face to!

  9. Go you! Running is such good soul food, live life on the edge - make it a hobby! X


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