Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome, Autumn!

Damn, did I miss this time of the year something fierce! I spent so much time being outside this weekend, reveling in the season, that despite setting up my altar I didn't touch it. I didn't perform my usual ritual, instead I spent time out in the sun, by firelight and with my fingers in the dirt.

And that was all the ritual I needed to connect with this part of the year. We spent Saturday evening at a friend's housewarming party where there was plenty of music, food and beer around a cozy campfire. The first of the season for us! The mosquitoes were even on their best behavior, I was only bitten twice - unusual for me.

Yesterday evening the perennial jungle of roses and rosemary in my gardens started being pruned back, the dead annuals have been pulled up and this year's baby mums have been planted. While I did that, hubby worked on tackling our very out of control hedgerows and butterfly bushes. We ate dinner and then took the recycling out. We don't have local pick-up, so we take it to a 24 hour bin drop-off site.

As you can see, even with all that pruning these bush roses are still massive

As we were driving home, where my camera/phone happened to be, I saw some bright shiny eyes and a slender form crossing the road ahead. I slowed down, thinking it was a deer and was beyond myself with excitement as the headlights illuminated a coyote! As he slunk back to the side of the road he was joined by another one. Now, I know for some of you this is no big deal... but I've never seen a coyote before. Ever! I just sat on the shoulder watching them for a bit as they wended through people's yards and out of my sight. I was completely enamored.

Making me rethink my plans for future backyard chickens - not in having them, but in housing them. We'll see what happens in the Spring.

I hope you all had a lovely Equinox and that so far, Fair Autumn is treating you very well!


  1. Gardens will take off if you don't keep them in hand, that's for sure! Glad your Autumn weekend was so good.
    Coyotes are definitely not a chicken's best friend.
    Blessed Mabon to, Enjoy Autumn!!

  2. What a lovely Mabon! So glad you had a relaxing, happy weekend. Many blessings!

  3. This is truly a magical time of the year! In Greece we do not have coyotes so i think this is very cool! Have a beautiful Autumn!

  4. What a super surprise.....A Danni Post.
    Your roses and plants can keep a body moving in the fall that's for sure. Glad you had time to let your hair down and have a good time. The cuckoos went to a Ren Faire this weekend and left the old birds at home. They had a blast.
    Happy Mabon to you as well. Give your Joe a squooze from the Olde Bagg, Oma Linda
    psssss cats and puppy too.

  5. Life is a Ritual if lived mindfully. Happy you had a magical weekend!

  6. Hi Danni,
    Happy Mabon to you and yours. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Being in the middle of selling our house, we had multiple home showings over the weekend. Trying to find a quiet moment to contemplate the beginning of Fall was a little daunting.
    But I managed to take a moment at Dusk, a most magikal time, to watch the last bit of the summer light fade and welcomed in my favorite time of the year Autumn.

  7. Ah, coyote medicine. Great for Autumn Danni. The trickster at his best. He's perfect for a segueway into Fall. I think you're Autumn new weekend sounds loverly! And I always enjoy your photos and your new blog look is so cute.

  8. Thank you for being such a spiritual inspiration for me. Whenever I am feeling kind of lost I always find your blog to be so reaffirming.

  9. Yes - much garden work this time of year. Those roses are amazing!

    We have so many coyotes around here. They are considered pests, but I like them. I keep my cats inside though. Dig your chicken coop down a foot or two. All dogs dig & coyotes can get under chicken wire. Oh - and they climb, apparently too. So a covered coop is a good way to go. Lots to think about, but chickens are so great! I miss mine.

  10. Such a beautiful way to spend the onset of Autumn! Your photos are wonderful and honey, you are such a cute little thing. ;-) I was the same way the first time I saw a fox in person. It was utterly amazing for me. And don't you know you never have the camera at times like that? Hugs my friend. Mina


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