Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rain Dance

It's been raining here for days. On and off the showers roll through, sometimes accompanied by lightning, sometimes by thunder. Occasionally there is sunlight in the tree tops as the greenish gray darkness of the storm lingers close to the Earth. It comes in small drizzles and in fierce downpours, flooding the streets and walkways.

To many this sort of thing is gloomy, depressing but not to me. The rain affords me time; to dance, to relax and to create. For some reason, spending time inside on a sunny day feels akin to the worst kind of sin to me. If I'm not pulling weeds, trimming hedges, tending crops or generally out and about, I feel like my day is being wasted - no matter how ludicrously hot or muggy it is. Hot and muggy means I don't pull my paints or oil pastels outside to work, even in the shade, I've had both melt on me in the past. And so, as I sip my coffee with a puppy at my feet and a kitty on my lap, I watch the rain bouncing off of robins' wings and roses' petals and I bring out my art journal and don't think. I let my fingers and heart lead, mind distracted by the pitter patters, purrs and warmth around me.

Outside, the rain gives life to the seedlings shooting up in the vegetable garden. And while it does that, it also gives life back to me. As the rain falls around me and on me, I enjoy each chilly drop. I twirl in the grass, barefoot with my skirt flying out; I toss my head back and I laugh. No worries, no cares. Just myself and the rain (and sometimes Luna, too.) Glorious greys and beautiful smokey blues paint the sky and I feel light and free. As the water soaks through my clothing and drips down my skin I feel connected, truly, to Earth and Sky. It is a moment of pure magic, the sort that is lost in the hustle and bustle and dull lifeless grey of a hurried world. The sort of magical moment we could all stand to recapture and savor.


  1. I can see you dancing and swirling in the rain. Magickal and healing! Beautiful post.

  2. Ah, how I've missed you, my wonderfully witchy friend! ^-^
    Someday we'll dance together in a thunderstorm. =D

    I'm going to have to read up on the last two months' worth of blog posts... you have a puppy? =D I'm totally jealous! I can't wait to be able to have a dog...

    My favorite rain dancing memory involves my younger sister and I. We ran outside, as it was pouring like no one's business. We laughed and shrieked and twirled around and around. We held each others' hands and spun as fast as we could until we collapsed to the ground. It was magical and wonderful and I would give a less favored body part to recapture that moment of joy.

    I hope your little family is doing well and I can't wait to catch up with you. ^-^


  3. What a beautiful ode to rain, Danni. Rain which we get so little here in So. Cal also makes me giddy with delight. When it does rain, I'm either outside or inside with a good book and being in ecstasy listening to the rain. Dance a rain dance for me :)

  4. I love rainy days to for that same reason. This is also why I love Winter. I am a homebody/slug at heart and being able to cocoon while still watching and being a part of nature in a different energy feeds me.

  5. Rain in the summer is truly beautiful as was your post. I love the smell of it as it hits the ground, i love how every plant seems to reach out to the water. Brightest blessings.


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