Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The longest day, the beginning of summer. A time to harvest herbs, soak up some sun and rejoice in the warmth and the light of this side of the wheel. The Lord and lady peak, all of nature is stirring, things are growing and (hopefully) abundant.

The Oak king is slain, yielding dominion to his brother Holly. The king is dead, long live the king!

After the sun sets, the fae come out to play - this is a sabbat of fairy magic and mischief. Leave your offerings and gifts to the little people in their favorite spot and spend some time dancing with the fireflies. Revel in this dog day of summer, for it only gets darker from here.

Offerings to the fae, nestled in among mums and roses.

Painting outside in the afternoon, soaking up the sun.

May you all have a merry, fairy kissed, Midsummer. May your summer yield fiery passions and abundance aplenty.


  1. Lovely words, photos and paintings....the fae are bound to honor your faith. Blessed Solstice my child, Oma Linda

  2. beautiful - what a wonderful way to spend midsummer!!

  3. Belated Solstice greetings, Dani. I love your offerings to the Fae, and the painting is inspired! Have a beautiful summer.

  4. Your painting is wonderful. I love all sorts of arts and crafts, but this was so perfect for the Solstice!

  5. That painting looks perfect there!

  6. what fun to paint in the sun.. here in texas the paints would melt right off the canvas!!

  7. Your painting is wonderful!

  8. I love your outdoor altar. Beautiful. The Boy lit our altar this year for the first time. I was tempted to grab my camera but I didn't want to move because of the magical happy look on his face.


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