Saturday, June 23, 2012

The First Harvest

It is as if, after Midsummer, the garden is springing to life. Earlier in the week there was not a thing ready to be picked but today there was an abundance of peas and green beans, a teeny tomato and a surprise zucchini who appeared seemingly out of nowhere!

By some miracle, the weeds amongst the plants have stayed at a minimum and an hour or so of plucking this week will keep anything from strangling my vegetables or inviting in the veggie killing bugs.

I wish I could say my sunflowers were doing as well, but alas they are not. They've grown as tall as last year and have started to bud but more than half of them have fallen over at the center and cracked, laying broken and dying in their row. I haven't found any insects so I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's bumming me out.


  1. Oh but look at the joy on your table....peas, beans, zucchini and a mater. How wonderful, ya big ol farmer you. Oma Linda

  2. Yum, the zucchini will be delish!! Sorry about the sunflowers, what a shame.

  3. Those beans look DELISH! Sorry about your sunflowers :-(

  4. Yay for surprise zucchinis! =D
    I just found my first tiny tomato on my plant... and I just about exploded I was so excited. ^-^

    I'm sorry that your sunflowers are having issues... weird that there's no bugs to be found. o_O

    I hope you can figure out what's up with them so you get at least a few blooms. ^-^


  5. I only have one tomato so far :)

  6. Our sunflowers fell victim to the same garden chomping critter. But you're little harvest looks very yummy! I can't wait for our first harvest from our own garden.

  7. Lucky girl! I can't wait for our zucchini to come up. So far we've just had lettuce, spinach and kale.

  8. I forget how much sooner the bounty comes in down there. Our veggies are just starting to pop out of the flowers. We have a couple of green maters.


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