Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - MMHQ

Mess Making Headquarters. Still in progress, but coming along nicely!

What have you got in the works this week?


  1. Squee!!! I love pics of people's MMHs. And I still can't stop talking about that paint... Britt's sick of me talking paint I think. ^_~

    I have work this week, so nothing in particular planned... I do need to post pics of my jam, which is terribly yummy! =D


  2. I really need to get some canvas prints framed...makes a mess in the living room...

  3. Hi Danni! Thanks so much for stopping by and being a new follower! Hope that tree situation is coming along well!

    I LOVE the color of your room! It's so refreshing and fun!

  4. Love it! I'm working on my craft space and my craft "trunk" amoire.....

  5. Oh that greeen, love it...You're such a fae, Danni. I'm looking at interior design blogs and thinking of making a dream board...It seems that Hestia and Demeter are calling upon us to ready ourselves for Autumm when it's about the hearth and home, doesn't it?

  6. I really like the ribbon mobile! Simple, but very beautiful. :)

  7. There is nothing about the room that doesn't work; the colors are beautiful (and happy), the things you have placed on the cabinet are lovely and the cabinet itself is too.

    Also, I love the ribbon mobile - so pretty!

  8. I sense bad-assery on the rise!

  9. That space looks wonderful. I love all those ribbons.
    I have been pottering around the garden, cleaning up some pots. My marigolds are nearly in bloom, just in time for Lammas ; )
    Have a magical weekend.


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