Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Thunderstorm,

I always thought we were friends. I've always gotten excited when you're mentioned by the weather channel, ever since I was a girl. Dark clouds would roll in, heralding your arrival and out on the patio or at the window I'd sit (against advice to the contrary) watching you approach. The first crackle of thunder, the first flash of lightning oddly comforting to me. I've always loved the rain, beating down on the roof and occasionally on myself, if I happened to run outside to play or dance with you.

You've always been a comfort on hot summer days and when I've needed to be cleansed and there was no ocean handy. I'd sit in your waters and think as you washed the gloom away, sending it down to the depths of the earth. I've never been disappointed by you, until last night. What happened to us, dear one?

Did you think I wouldn't notice if you did it quietly, so I didn't hear a crack or a crash? While I've got eye issues I'm not blind, I can see when there is a pine tree in a window where there was never a pine tree before.

Did you feel the need to remind me that you can be dangerous, as if I've somehow forgotten? Did the neighbors discover that there's a witch in the neighborhood and ask you to take me out, Wicked Witch of the East style? If it's the latter, I suppose I should thank you for not dropping a house on me. I will always love you, thunderstorm, but we've got some trust issues to work out.

Yours in shaky friendship,
The Wicked Witch of the South

P.S. For those wondering what I'm prattling on about:

I've taken having a 40 foot tree landing on the car I just paid off better than I would have expected; with a bit of snark and the draining of my saving account to buy a chainsaw since we don't seem to know anyone who owns one. On the positive side no one was hurt, we were considering taking down that tree anyway, it didn't hurt the house, we now have a good chunk of firewood for the winter and I've got a plethora of branches to give woodworking a shot on. Oh yea, and Joe has a shiny new power tool. He's like a giddy child over it too. ;)


  1. Bummer!!! Hope the car wasn't hurt too bad. And at least you were able to see some positive from the whole situation.

  2. That sucks! At least the house wasn't harmed. FYI: I wouldn't burn that wood in your fire place though...it's a conifer and therefore a soft wood; it will coat your chimney with nastiness that will cost you an arm and a leg to get a chimney sweep to clean! Hard woods only! Don't want you to set your house on fire! LOL

  3. Way to look at the bright side. ^-^ I'm glad no one (including your car) was hurt. And at least now you have a chainsaw... WOOHOO!!! XD

    I'm excited to see some of your woodworkings! =D


  4. I think Thunderstorm is just having a moody summer, but I hope she feels better soon. Yesterday, she lifted a massive umbrella and cracked a window *sigh*.

    It is so lovely that you are taking things well. I can't wait to see the woodies (that didn't sound right) I mean the artsy wood. And tell the hubby to have fun with his shiny new (sharp) toy.

  5. Well, perhaps the Thunderstorm was simply trying to do you a favor and help you make the decision on the tree? They don't always think things through, being the fast-paced kinda beings they are.. in the end, you have all that firewood and a shiny new tool. Gifts are gifts and come in strange and unusual ways :) I love how you're handling this!

  6. I've heard of people who've just paid their car off then having a car accident....this whole situation just sucks a big bag o dicks. Sorry you have this headache to deal with.

  7. WHOA! I'm so glad you weren't hurt! That's poopy though. I can't really see what the damage was to the car--that huge tree is in the way! Was it totalled?

  8. Wow! I'm glad nobody was hurt and that your house wasn't damaged....I hope it all works out with your car....that really stinks that you just paid it off! I LOVE thunderstorms too.....and we have huge trees all around our house....my husband worries to death about them falling on the house....and I guess I just trust it won't happen...we have lots of branches that come out....but never a whole tree. I don't ever want anyone to get hurt....but to be honest if the house got messed up....I would look at it as a blessing to get my house fixed up!

  9. And I echo peoples thought's, wow! I love storms but I'd be way scared if the weather goddess decided to play havoc like the one that you had, Danni. It's a great time to do some magick when a storm arises. So, glad that you're o.k. And yes, using the wood for fire is perfect...esp. for protection spells!

  10. Judas Priest..........that's all I got.
    Oma Linda

  11. Glad no one was injured...

  12. So sorry about your car - but the good thing is that no one was injured.


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