Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcoming Winter

Autumn hangs on, while signs of the upcoming Winter holidays begin to shine.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and subsequent weekend! We ventured out briefly on Friday afternoon to a few of the local stores here in town to see if there was anything worth hanging on our tree this year, but came home empty handed and a bit disappointed. We spent the remainder of the afternoon munching on leftovers and relaxing on the couch.

Being one who is discontent to sit around for very long, Saturday was a different story. Sure, there was some lazing about in the morning, but later in the afternoon we pulled on our sweaters and went downtown for some dinner, walking and browsing. The weather here is strange to me, I'm used to the weekend after Thanksgiving being winter coat cold, but it was only slightly too chilly for a sweater to keep me toasty even with the sun down. Weird weather aside, we peeked and poked into quite a few shops, stopped for hot chocolate for Joe and a Chai Tea for me at the local tea bar and took photos of some of the festive lights and displays we encountered.

Main Street Greenville, SC is quite different from the glitz and glamor of 5th Avenue, NYC at this time of year, but it sated my sparkle fever quite well.

Our tree is up and we'll be decking it out this week. I realized though that aside from the ornaments for my tree, I have pathetically few Yule decorations. In total, I have a desktop tree, a small light up snowman, a few string of lights, a wee ceramic snow couple I painted a few years back, a ceramic gift box and two candy tins. I'm going to have to get crafty with my Yule decorations, but am sort of stumped on what to make. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Oh - we got the tree this year too - but it was SOOOOOOOOoooooooo COLD!! I was just thinking about how odd it must be to live in a warm climate at the holidays!

  2. We had planned to put up the tree this weekend but we had too much fun playing outside and will puy up the tree itself up tonight and the ornaments tomorrow in the afternoon. We are having a latin themed tree this holiday at Casa de Cuckoo. Will post pictures later this week. The Olde Bagg
    As Basketcase bantered....Happy Axial Tilt...I still say he was in a rock band. tee hee

  3. I'm still in the market for a tree... But I too have depressingly few decorations! I think I'll probably take a break from my other crafts for a week or two & focus on salt dough ornaments perhaps... ^-^

    I absolutely LOVE the 'sleigh ride' photo... awesome! =D

  4. Those pics are great! There is a local flower shop here that has a HUGE room with about 20-30 trees that they put up and decorate every year, each one in a different theme. We go visit every year just to look at the trees and that is what your pics made me think of. LOL

  5. I love the festive pictures! I am working on getting my altar (which most people don't even know it's an altar) in the winter mood.....and we will put the tree up this coming weekend.

  6. I love your new picture so beautiful!
    The photos of the sparkles are nice too.

  7. I am live about 20 mins from gville. (: Very Pretty photos!


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