Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard
Via riptheskull on Flickr

This year, I won't be visiting my family nor cooking dinner at home but will be feasting with Joe and some friends in North Carolina. It's a bit surreal, this first family centric holiday away from home but I'm thankful that there are people nearby to celebrate with.

After the feasting, I'll be officially incapable of warding off the glitter and magic of Yuletide any longer. This weekend my apartment will be lit up and the tree will be trimmed, although I'm sure I'll fuss with the placement of the ornaments for the rest of the month.

This Thanksgiving may your blessings be many, your bellies be full and your homes be filled with friends, family and laughter.


  1. :) I'm probably going to start in on Holiday decorating tomorrow night. :) I'm impatient. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. ~to you and yours a blessed day ahead...know you are loved no matter where you and friends be with you always in spirit! i have already dipped my fingers in glitter...i so can't wait for the season ahead...much l♥ve and light always upon you and yours~

  3. Yup... This weekend is wreath making time!!! =D

    As for today, though, Happy Thanksgiving my dear! I hope you have a most wonderful day with your honey & friends. ^-^


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Danni! I'll be decorating this weekend as well.

  5. Have a very happy Thanksgiving :-)

  6. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    In Germany, the Christmas tree is traditionally put up very shortly before Christmas (on December 23rd or even on December 24th), but I like the idea of putting it up early. Moreover, I have an artificial tree, so I can actually put it up early. I think I will decorate my place this weekend, too. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    -- Birgit


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